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BC Interruption’s Female Rookie of the Year is Hannah Bilka

The freshman was also national player of the year, but this is more important

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

It’s only April, but... *gestures around wildly*... has determined that it’s already that time of year. Welcome to the 2019-2020 BC Interruption Awards! The BCI Awards, or “the BCI-y’s” as they are known the world over, are the most prestigious award the internet has to offer. So without much further ado, let’s get things started.

Boston College Women’s Hockey freshman Hannah Bilka is BC Interruption’s 2019-2020 Female Rookie of the Year, beating out Field Hockey’s Margo Carlin for the internet’s most coveted female freshman honor.

Hannah Bilka was a bright spot in what was otherwise a disappointing women’s hockey season for the Eagles. She came out of the gate on fire, putting up 17 points and 10 goals in her first 8 games on the Heights. She missed a couple games due to injury in the middle of the season before returning for a strong second half after getting back to 100%.

What’s not quite as impressive as winning BCI’s award, but still very impressive nonetheless, is that Bilka was also named National Rookie of the Year by the Women’s Hockey Commissioner’s Association. Bilka was second in the nation in points among freshmen with a 14-23—37 line.

With freshmen and sophomores making up 7 of the top 8 scorers for the Eagles — and with the top freshman in the country in that group as well — the rebuild is on in force for the BC Women’s Hockey team.