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BC Women’s Hockey vs. New Hampshire: Final Thoughts & Predictions

Back to the grind of the league schedule

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

Okay, the Beanpot was bad. Incredibly bad. Disaster-level bad. The men had one of the worst kick-in-the-teeth losses in recent memory and the women were shut out.

So now everything shifts to a focus on the conference playoffs. Hockey East tournament seeding is what the Eagles have to play for right now, and with 2nd through 5th razor-thin, the difference between avoiding league champion Northeastern in the semifinals and not even getting to host in the quarterfinals can hinge on one bad loss.

If there’s any good news at all about losing in the Beanpot semifinals (there isn’t, but I mean, if you’re looking for any sort of silver lining), it’s that there will be no looking past the weekend game before the finals. With Tuesday’s game rendered truly meaningless (there aren’t any Pairwise implications for the Eagles), they can get their minds solely on Friday’s crucial game against New Hampshire.


New Hampshire Wildcats (14-12-3, 10-10-2 WHEA)
at Boston College Eagles (14-11-3, 13-8-2 WHEA)


Two important league points on the line


Conte Forum
Chestnut Hill, MA


Friday, February 7th, 2020
2:00pm EST


The game will be shown live on HDTV with NESN picking up coverage.


KRACH (used for odds) has BC in 15th and UNH in 22nd. That puts BC as a moderate favorite at 61.92% odds to win, or BC -163 with your local bookie (for entertainment purposes only, of course).

GRaNT (used for scores) has the two teams just a smidge closer, with BC in 16th and UNH in 21st. Those work out to BC being favored by a 2.69 to 2.29 score, or something like a 3-2 BC win, or a 2-2 or 3-3 tie.

We have a direct link to all our BC Interruption hockey calculators in the site header. Just hover over “More” at the top of the page to be linked straight to the Live Pairwise, Projected Pairwise, KRACH, and GRaNT calculators.


New Hampshire has been so-so. After going 0-1-1 against Maine two weeks ago, UNH topped Dartmouth by a score of 3-1. The Big Green sit between Union and Holy Cross (ouch) at 31st in KRACH, so they’re not very good, but a win’s a win.

Boston College had a horribly disappointing Beanpot semifinal, falling 4-0 to Boston University and crossing one potential trophy off the list early.

The Eagles and Wildcats faced off earlier this season with the Eagles taking the win 5-2 on November 1st.


Okay, the Beanpot’s over. All of BC’s focus needs to be on getting as many points as possible out of these remaining league games, because if the Eagles can at least get into 3rd place, they’ll give themselves a fighting chance to make a run (even if the Beanpot result didn’t make it look like they’d be able to). Providence in 4th and UConn in 5th both control their own destiny to pass the Eagles thanks to games in hand (though they have tough schedules to end the year), so BC needs to at least do what they can to make it tougher on those teams.


Can BC find some confidence? It just feels like the Eagles have been beaten down lately. The season started out so good and the team was flying high, though it was thanks to a weak schedule. Now, the Eagles seem disheartened to have gotten so little out of the season despite how much effort they’ve had to put in to dull the effect of all the roster turnover.

Fortunately, UNH has just been okay this year, and was one of the weaker teams that the Eagles easily dispatched during the 9-0-1 stretch to start the season, so that might lead to BC feeling like they are the better team here and go out and play like it once again.


In 2015, UNH installed life-saving automated external defibrillators in two fraternity houses.

In two... fraternity houses? Kind of an odd choice, no? Feels like that sort of thing would be more beneficial in, like, a public space of some kind.


Raising Cane’s Caniac Combo

Going to Raising Cane’s before a BC game at BU used to be one of my crew’s little traditions back when I was up in Boston enough to go to games. We don’t have any Raising Cane’s-es (Cane’s? Canes’? Cansis?) nearby in Connecticut, but I’m in Arizona this week and there’s one right around the corner from where I am in Surprise.

So how could I turn down the opportunity to relive some of my glory days with a giant Caniac Combo with a ton of Cane’s sauce? I’ll be sure to pick one up tomorrow for the game, and if you’ve got time, make sure you stop by the one on BU’s campus before heading up to BC for the matchup against UNH.


I ain’t tryna hear the negative
I’m just tryna change the narrative
It’s simply imperative
That we all have a damn good time

I’m in Arizona house sitting a yard full of golden retriever puppies for the week and asked my Aunt out here to give me a song that sums up the feeling of “things are bad but that’s okay” or something along those lines. And HOW GOOD IS THIS LYRIC?!

Good work, Aunt Lori, you nailed it. A++.


The Eagles have an awful record against good teams this year (despite playing very well in the first several games against ranked teams... less so in the last few), but BC has been pretty good against meh teams despite their middling record. UNH fits that description, and BC already handled UNH easily earlier this year.

The Eagles get to come back home for this one, and it’s two points they pretty much have to have. I don’t think it’ll be as comfortable as the 5-2 win earlier this year, but I do think BC wins — call it 4-2 with an empty netter.