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BC Women’s Hockey Struggles Continue With 6-0 Loss To #3 Northeastern

It has been a rough month for the Eagles

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

Things could not be going much worse for the Boston College Women’s Hockey team. The wheels have totally fallen off for a team that started out the year 9-0-1. BC extended their losing streak to five games as part of a 1-7-2 slump on Friday with a blowout 6-0 loss to #3 Northeastern.

It seems almost impossible now, but the game started out with the Eagles taking total control early. BC scored just 61 seconds in, but the goal was (rightfully) waved off as Kate Annese tomahawk-chopped the puck into the goal from above the crossbar from point-blank range. But the Eagles continued to play well and probably should have had one or two goals in the opening ten minutes.

But unfortunately, Northeastern scored the first goal on a 2-on-1 breakaway while shorthanded 4 vs. 3, and the game completely and utterly unravelled from there. After goal number one, the Huskies scored twice more in rapid succession to make it 3-0 before the end of the first period and effectively end the game before the first intermission. But it just got worse from there. Northeastern scored twice more in the second and once in the third to make it 6-0.

If there’s a small silver lining, it’s that the Eagles at least appeared to still be putting in the effort until the game was totally out of reach. The Eagles hit iron at least three times in the game and were stonewalled by Northeastern goaltender Aerin Frankel, one of the nation’s best, in their comeback efforts. But nothing went BC’s way in this one, and the Eagle defense was frankly a mess during those efforts anyway.

BC is in the midst of an absolutely baffling stretch of getting the doors blown off them. After a pretty good weekend against #1 Minnesota and #2 Wisconsin, the Eagles came back to Boston to lose 6-0 to BU, 7-1 to Harvard, and now 6-0 to Northeastern (with a close 2-1 loss to the Terriers thrown in). All these teams are pretty good, at least, but so are the Eagles, so there’s no way BC should be losing by scores like this.

The Eagles will move on to Sunday where they will play Northeastern at Matthews Arena to close out the weekend. At this point BC would probably be happy just to put up a respectable score line and not get blown out of the building, but who knows, the team still has the talent to pull a rabbit out of a hat.