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BC Women’s Hockey’s Erin Connolly Is BCI’s Fan Favorite

Queen Erin beat out a crowded field to take the crown

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

We continue this year’s BC Interruption Awards (The Interrupties!) with one of my personal favorites, the Female Fan Favorite Award.

This year’s Female Fan Favorite Award goes to Erin Connolly of Boston College Women’s Hockey! Connolly beat out a crowded field of popular BC women’s sports athletes to take the trophy: Sam Apuzzo, Dempsey Arsenault, and Kenzie Kent of BC Lacrosse received votes, as well as Erin’s BC Women’s Hockey teammate Megan Keller.

Erin Connolly has become something of a cult favorite among those of us who follow the women’s hockey team closely. The women’s hockey team’s newest co-captain was a woman of many nicknames this year: ERIN YES!, ERIN NO!, Queen Erin, the Snow Queen... depending on whatever the situation called for.

She’s as multi-talented as they come: Adept at Terrier-killing wicked wristers (ERIN YES!), attempting the old “throw the puck into the net with your hand and see if they notice” play (a classic), snowing the goalie (ERIN NO!), snowing the goalie again (ERIN NO!!!), and even at notebook retrieval, there aren’t many players more fun to see on the ice as the one true Queen Erin.

Erin Connolly graduated from the Heights last month, but thanks for a freshman year redshirt, we’re fortunate to have one more season left with the Snow Queen — this time as team captain. Congratulations to Erin Connolly on the first INTERRUPTY of her colorful career!