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REPORT: 2018 Patty Kazmaier Award Winner Daryl Watts To Transfer From Boston College

It’s another huge blow to the BC Women’s Hockey offense for the upcoming season

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

Two weeks ago, the Boston College Women’s Hockey roster was dealt a blow with the transfer of rising senior forward Caitrin Lonergan to Clarkson University. Unfortunately, it appears there is one more shoe left to drop out of the BC locker room.

According to sources close to BC Interruption, rising junior forward and 2018 Patty Kazmaier Award winner Daryl Watts is likely to be leaving the Boston College Women’s Hockey program in the offseason as well. While the move is not yet announced or official yet, Watts is listed on the NCAA transfer portal and has expressed to the program her intention to transfer. As such, Watts’ transfer destination is not yet known.

Losing Watts would be a severe blow to BC’s scoring. The phenom was an offensive force in her two years on the Heights, leading the team in both goals and points in both seasons. She became the first player to ever win the Patty Kazmaier Award as a freshman (no player had even won as a sophomore) after the 2017-2018 season, and had a strong sophomore campaign as well. With Lonergan and now apparently Watts transferring, and Megan Keller and Makenna Newkirk both graduating, that means the Eagles potentially lose all four of their top scorers from this past season.

We said this before with Caitrin Lonergan’s announcement, but it’s worth repeating again:

Nonetheless, if a player doesn’t feel that a school is a good fit, she is right to do what she can to be happy. With all the control and restrictions the NCAA has over these players, any opportunity a player has to take control of their own lives to do what they feel is best for themselves is a good thing. And that’s particularly true in sports that don’t have multi-million dollar paydays waiting for the players once they leave.

We do not know the details behind Watts’ potential departure, just like we did not know the details behind Lonergan’s, aside from the fact that the players weren’t as happy as they thought they could be BC and felt that they could be happier elsewhere. That’s more of an explanation than we’re even owed from an amateur athlete.

We’ll provide updates should the move become official, along with where Daryl Watts is potentially headed. But in the meantime, we wish Daryl the very best of luck as she moves on to the next chapter in her collegiate career, and thank her for all the great moments she’s given to us here in her time on the Heights.