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GOAL BY GOAL: Crisis Averted As BC Women’s Hockey Guts Out 2-1 Win Over Maine

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

After Tuesday’s big 4-1 win over #3 Northeastern, the Eagles had to be careful not to fall victim to a big win hangover on Thursday night against the Maine Black Bears. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Eagles did, particularly after scoring an early goal. BC couldn’t find a winning goal until late in the third period, but it was enough to come away with a 2-1 win and give Coach Crowley her 300th career victory.

Boston College Goal #1: 0:19 of the 1st period
Lindsay Agnew (Unassisted)

BC 1, UM 0

Part of BC’s problem in this game, even more so than the fact that they may or may not be a little sluggish from playing an empty-the-tank game just two games ago, was that they scored so early in the game. Agnew’s semi-breakaway and water-bottle-popping snipe to put the Eagles up early may have made BC feel like they could sit back and coast the rest of the game and just score goals at will — but that would definitely not be the case.

Maine Goal #1 (PPG): 7:22 of the 1st period
Tereza Vanišová (Alyson Matteau)

BC 1, UM 1

A BC penalty early gave the Black Bears the opportunity to draw level, and they did with a snipe of their own from Maine’s star forward Tereza Vanišová. It marked the first power play goal the Eagles had allowed in 20 attempts, though they’ve certainly gotten a lot of practice at it.

It felt surprising that BC had killed off so many penalties in a row, because the opponents’ power play opportunities have felt threatening — but it finally caught up to them here with Maine getting the goal to tie the game early.

From there, BC played, frankly, pretty badly through the end of the first and second periods. The Eagles, one of the nation’s highest-volume shooting teams, couldn’t even get a shot on net in the second period until almost halfway through the frame. It was painful hockey to watch, so fortunately the Eagles game to their senses in the second intermission.

Boston College Goal #2 (PPG, GWG): 12:25 of the 3rd period
Kelly Browne (Megan Keller, Caitrin Lonergan)

BC 2, UM 1 — FINAL

BC finally woke up in the third period and started really taking it to the Black Bears, nearly scoring on quite a few opportunities before finally breaking through on a power play goal with just a handful of minutes left in the game.

It’s a gorgeous tally. BC’s offensive zone entry is a little frazzled thanks to some pressure along the perimeter from Maine’s defenders and a little disorganization on BC’s part, but Caitrin Lonergan takes charge and bum-rushes the puck in along the boards to safety. Along the way, she finds Megan Keller circling into the slot. Meanwhile, Kelly Browne is sprinting into the offensive zone as well behind the play, and with the Maine defenders covering Keller in the slot, Keller just backhands it to the very open Kelly Browne, who roofs an impressive shot off the backhand to finally get the goal the BC offense really earned in that third period.

BC got a little lucky that they got away with this one. What doesn’t beat you makes you stronger, so hopefully this one serves as a lesson for the Eagles.

Boston College takes on Maine once again on Friday afternoon at 4pm in the last regular season home game of the year. The program will be retiring the jersey of former BC goaltender Molly Schaus ‘11 before the game. With a legend in the house for Senior Day, BC should have plenty of jump in their step for their final game of the week.