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BC Women’s Hockey vs. Maine: Final Thoughts & Predictions

Why not tuck in to some weekday hockey?

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

We are now POST-BEANPOT, which means it is officially women’s hockey CRUNCH TIME.

We only have two weekends left in the women’s hockey regular season, and after BC’s games of today and tomorrow, the Eagles will just have one game left before the conference tournaments. Unlike men’s hockey where you still have a month or so down the stretch after the Beanpot, it’s pretty much Go Time on the women’s side of things.

BC’s coming in hot, despite not taking the Beanpot trophy, and they’ll get a pair against a floundering Maine team at home, albeit with the Eagles playing on short rest.



Maine Black Bears (14-13-4, 7-13-4 WHEA)
at No. 8 Boston College Eagles (21-10-0, 17-7-0 WHEA)


Maine Black Bears (14-13-4, 7-13-4 WHEA)
at No. 8 Boston College Eagles (21-10-0, 17-7-0 WHEA)


Home games! That’s important for us!


Conte Forum
Chestnut Hill, MA


Thursday, February 14th, 2019
7:00pm EST

Friday, February 15th, 2019
4:00pm EST


Both games are at home, which means that both games will be streamed live on ESPN3 with the silky smooth tones of Luis Sanchez on the mic.


KRACH has the Eagles pretty strongly favored, with BC at a 73.75% chance of winning (BC -281 on the money line).

GRaNT thinks things will be a bit closer than that. BCI’s scoring model predicts a 2.93 to 1.88 final — 3-2 or so, which is pretty close given that Maine is currently in a battle for the last Hockey East tournament spot.


Maine had an 0-1-1 weekend against Providence last week with a 2-1 loss on Friday before coming up with a 1-1 tie on Saturday. Providence has been pretty respectable this season (they’re 11th in the Pairwise) so those aren’t the worst results in the world for the Black Bears. Unfortunately Maine is in the midst of a 1-6-2 stretch (with a tie to Holy Cross the week before all that, which is a bad look), so it didn’t really do much to pull them out of their skid.

Boston College won an excellent effort against #3 Northeastern 4-1 just the other day after crushing New Hampshire 7-1 in the game prior. Other than the Beanpot semifinal loss against Harvard, BC’s really seemed to have gotten their mojo back, going 8-1-0 in their last 9 games.


BC’s win over Northeastern on Tuesday really put the Eagles in a solid position to make the NCAA tournament… if they don’t eff it all up. BC’s next 5 games come against the #8, #7, and #7 ranked teams in the Hockey East standings, and all but one of those games will be at home. Winning those five games would put BC in a position where a win in the Hockey East semifinals should put BC into the NCAA tournament even if they don’t win the league, barring some crazy results. Things have lined up pretty well – now it’s up to the team not to screw it all up.


Kelly Pickreign played very well against New Hampshire last weekend, and Maddy McArthur looked like a brand new goalie against Northeastern after getting the rest – will Coach Crowley use this week as an opportunity to give McArthur more rest, and give Pickreign & Barrow a start? Can the Eagles avoid a post-huge-win-letdown? Do they call them toothbrushes instead of teethbrushes because they were invented in Maine? Will Daryl Watts continue to shoot the lights out? How bad must Maine’s non-conference schedule have been if they were 7-0-0 outside of Hockey East but currently 8th in the league [I checked… it was bad. Two-games-against-Sacred-Heart bad]? Can we cut down on the penalties, please, for the love of all things good and holy? LOOKING AT YOU, ERIN (We love you Erin please stop choke-slamming people though or whatever it is the refs think you’re doing <3).


UMaine is also one of a handful of colleges in the United States whose Student Government is incorporated. Student Government was formed in 1978 and incorporated in 1987. It is classified as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. It consists of a legislative branch, which passes resolutions, and an executive branch, which helps organize on-campus entertainment and guest speakers, works with new and existing student organizations, and performs other duties. Other organizations fall under the umbrella of Student Government Inc., including representative boards, community associations, and many other student groups. The Maine Campus, the student newspaper, is also incorporated and does not operate under or receive money from student government.

I say this knowing full well that there are Wikipedia articles about, like… grass and air ducts and stuff: That might be the single least interesting piece of information ever recorded on the internet. Someone actually sat there and typed up a paragraph about the 501(c)(3) status of UMaine’s student government. Could you imagine?


We do ice cream of the week because hell yeah, ice cream.

Moose Tracks

They have moose (moose? mooses? meese? moosi? God, this language is so dumb) in Maine, right? Well, anyway, Moose Tracks ice cream is on the Mount Rushmore of ice creams, so you should have some.


Alan Jackson — Tall, Tall Trees

In honor of our friends from The South Of The North, here’s a very good country song. We’re very welcoming hosts here at the Bee Cee Interruptus.


My predictions the last few weeks have been pretty close to the GRaNT projection — but a 3-2 win feels too close. Maine’s 15th place spot in the Pairwise definitely feels high. BC beat the Black Bears 4-1 earlier in the season, and that feels more long the lines of what I think BC will do. I’ll go with a strong BC sweep on the weekend of 4-1, 3-0 — the shutout coming Friday afternoon on Molly Schaus jersey retirement night, because of course.