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Boston College Women’s Hockey’s Daryl Watts Wins BCI’s Award for Female Rookie of the Year

Watts would win a lot of these awards if she were eligible to win more than one of them

Rich Gagnon, BC Athletics

Yesterday kicked off the annual BCI Awards, with AJ Dillon winning for Male Rookie of the Year — and deservedly so, given that he changed the direction of not just last year’s BC football season but also the direction of the BC football program as a whole.

Day 2 is for our female rookie of the year, and like last season, the award goes to another young Boston College women’s hockey player.

2017-2018 BCI Female Rookie of the Year
Winner: Daryl Watts

Watts absolutely lit up the women’s college hockey world as a freshman, going 42-40—82 over 38 games, good for a ludicrous 2.16 PPG. She was so good pretty much from day one on the Heights that she forced the Patty Kazmaier Award committee to take notice and award her as the 2018 winner, the first time any freshman or sophomore had ever won the award.

Even more impressively, she was better against top teams and made any linemate who happened to be playing with her look like another superstar. All this, again, as a freshman.

Other fun facts about Daryl Watts: She made it on to the SportsCenter Top 10 this season… twice. And she also scored a natural quad trick, which is a real thing, by scoring four consecutive goals against New Hampshire.

Other players who received votes for Female Rookie of the Year were Milan Bolden-Morris of BC Women’s Basketball and Sam Coffey of Women’s Soccer. As voters were only allowed to vote for a player once for any BCI Award per season, others voted for Watts as Overall Female Player of the Year. She’s that good.