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GOAL BY GOAL: Daryl Watts Posts Natural Quad Trick In 6-0 Rout Of New Hampshire

And a shutout!

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

In this afternoon’s weekend preview, I predicted that BC women’s hockey would sweep UNH with matching 6-2 scores — the rationale being we just don’t post shutouts this year — and that someone would score a hat trick.

I wasn’t too far off! The Eagles did post a touchdown in Game 1 with a 6-0 win, so I was wrong about the no-shutouts, but we’ve already gotten our hat trick — and it was more than just your garden variety hat trick.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG, GWG): 8:22 of the 1st period
Makenna Newkirk (Daryl Watts, Caitrin Lonergan)

BC 1, UNH 0

Daryl Watts very nearly scored the first five goals of this game. Her stick is just inches from getting a deflection on Newkirk’s rebound shot as it goes through the crease.

But we’ll be happy with the assist, because it’s a great one. Watts moves the puck down low to Newkirk with a one-touch beauty right onto the tape of Newkirk. She one-times it on goal, and gets a second hack at it after the save. That second hack finds its way through for the goal.

Boston College Goal #2 (SHG): 14:29 of the 1st period
Daryl Watts (Makenna Newkirk, Serena Sommerfield)

BC 2, UNH 0

Now we get to the Daryl Watts party. Hope you brought your party hats, because you’re going to need them to throw them on the ice.

Watts has such a complete package of speed, hockey sense, and shot power, and Friday’s game was a real showcase of all three. Her first goal is a great effort one-on-one. She cuts east to west though the offensive zone and splits the two UNH defenders before finally firing off a shot from the opposite faceoff circle.

It’s a great shot and a great play, but it still might have been her least impressive of the afternoon.

Boston College Goal #3: 11:21 of the 2nd period
Daryl Watts (Makenna Newkirk, Caroline Ross)

BC 3, UNH 0

Pretty similar play for Watts on BC goal number 3, although this time Makenna Newkirk got things started by entering the offensive zone and skating in deep. Her pass back hits Watts right in stride, and now Watts can do her magic. She again cuts east-west, which in addition to getting the goaltender moving also has the added bonus of shooting through a pile of humanity out front.

Watts’ shot is too good and too well screened for UNH goaltender Kyra Smith to have a chance, and it puts the Eagles up 3-0.

Boston College Goal #4 (SHG, HT): 14:21 of the 2nd period
Daryl Watts (Makenna Newkirk, Caroline Ross)

BC 4, UNH 0

This goal is just a work of art. My God.

What makes this so good is just how chill the whole sequence is. First we’ve got Watts going from her own blue line and through the neutral zone with Wildcat #1 up in her grill. Watts makes a deke to the center of the ice and bolts to the outside before the defender even knew what hit her.

Now we get to the real high voltage part of the play. Watts somehow passes the puck to herself through the legs of Wildcat #2 with just the smoothest of moves, before — almost apologetically — flipping the puck into the net.

This goal is something else, from beginning to end. What a play.

Boston College Goal #5 (QT): 16:10 of the 2nd period
Daryl Watts (Makenna Newkirk, Serena Sommerfield)

BC 5, UNH 0

Watts again — this is her second shorthanded goal of the game, her third goal of the period, and her fourth consecutive goal. Four consecutive goals would, I believe, be called a Natural Quad Trick. Write it down.

Makenna Newkirk had herself a game today. Since being put on a line with Watts, the two have only shown increasing chemistry each game. This two on one is a couple long-range tape-to-tape passes that end up with Watts right on the front porch of Kyra Smith, and she goes down and gets good contact on the one-timer for the goal.

Boston College Goal #6 (PPG, TD): 13:52 of the 3rd period
Serena Sommerfield (Willow Corson, Caroline Ross)


Coach Crowley really called off the dogs in the third period. With the game well in hand, the top two lines rarely saw the ice and the third and fourth lines really got to stretch their legs. They obviously didn’t control play like the top lines can, and the Eagles were outshot 12-7 in the third period, but they did create a few good chances.

BC’s touchdown goal was more a lucky deflection than anything. Serena Sommerfield, playing defense more than admirably since stepping in full time last year, throws the puck on net from deep just to send the puck in. Unfortunately for new UNH goaltender Hilary Cashin, it takes a perfect deflection right off the glove of a Wildcat defender. The puck sails past Cashing for the goal, and that would do it.

This was probably BC’s most complete effort of the season. It wasn’t perfect — there were definitely still some defensive lapses — but for the most part BC locked down and played a really strong all-around game. Katie Burt in particular, who’s had a relatively rough (by her standards) senior year thanks to the piecemeal defense she’s playing behind, played by far her best game of the season. UNH had their chances, but Burt was all over the place making stops all afternoon. A 33 save shutout is nothing to sneeze at.

BC gets a travel day on a frigid Saturday (hopefully the bus has good heat) before game two of the home-and-home at the Whittemore Center on Sunday at 2pm. The game will be broadcast live on YouTube from UNH’s page, so tune in for some free hockey while you’re wrapping up the weekend.