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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women’s Hockey Explodes For 7-2 Win Over Maine

Touchdown Eagles!

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

Saturday was a weird day for BC Women’s Hockey. Just a couple hours before heading down to Walter Brown Arena for a big league contest against Boston University, the Eagles found out that their star freshman defenseman, Cayla Barnes, was called up to the US National Team to train for the Olympics. That left BC’s already thin defensive corps in a bit of a bind.

Forward Bridget McCarthy was thrown into the fire on defense, having never played on the blue line in her career and also not having a single practice to prepare (the news came out just a couple hours before the game against BU, after all). In the end, the Eagles came away with the win against BU, but were wildly outshot in the process. It was a weird game and BC was probably happy to just get the win.

As it turns out, the Eagles might have just needed a chance to let everything sink in. Sunday afternoon, BC put together their best effort of the season against the (so far) surprisingly decent Maine Black Bears, putting up a touchdown plus PAT on their way to a blowout 7-2 win at Kelley Rink.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 4:23 of the 1st period
Makenna Newkirk (Daryl Watts, Serena Sommerfield)

BC 1, UMO 0

BC absolutely blew the doors off Maine in the first period. Maine didn’t get a shot until halfway through the period, and it was thanks to a power play. The Eagles took the first 13 shots of the game.

Makenna Newkirk got BC on the board less than 5 minutes into the game, thanks in no small part to just a perfect cross-ice pass from Daryl Watts. Watts sent the puck past two Maine defenders right onto the stick of Newkirk, who was able to slip the puck underneath Maine goaltender Loryn Porter for the goal.

Boston College Goal #2: 6:45 of the 1st period
Toni Ann Miano (Caitrin Lonergan, Willow Corson)

BC 2, UMO 0

It only took BC a couple minutes to get their next goal, this time courtesy of the Eagles’ top remaining defenseman.

Despite missing so many blueliners, the BC defense isn’t afraid to keep diving to the goal line. Miano takes the pass from Lonergan which crosses up a Maine defender, leaving Miano room to go to the net. She holds and holds, looking for someone out front to send a pass to, but there’s not much of a lane.

Fortunately for Miano, Porter is also distracted by the possibility of a centering pass, and she leaves way too much room for Miano to shoot at. Miano goes 5-hole, and BC’s up 2-0.

Boston College Goal #3 (GWG): 7:20 of the 1st period
Ryan Little (Erin Connolly, Caroline Ross)

BC 3, UMO 0

The Eagles were just getting warmed up. BC’s second goal was minutes after its first, and BC’s third goal was seconds after that.

This time BC is the beneficiary of a puck that bounces like a super ball across the goal mouth. Ryan Little is in the right place at the right time to swat at the rebound, and she has the whole net to send the puck into.

That chased Loryn Porter from the game, but her replacement, Carly Jackson, didn’t fare much better.

Boston College Goal #4: 14:25 of the 1st period
Daryl Watts (Caitrin Lonergan, Willow Corson)

BC 4, UMO 0

The first period was just a constant blitz from the Eagles. It seemed like every time they scored, they just turned it up another level.

BC actually scored another goal prior to this (your typical Watts-to-Lonergan job), but it was disallowed. So, Watts and Lonergan just waited a few minutes and did it again.

However, even though Lonergan and Watts got the final touches on the score, this goal is all thanks to fellow linemate Willow Corson. The freshman forces the turnover behind the net from the Black Bear defender trying to start the breakout, before backhanding the puck back to the slot where Lonergan is waiting for it. A couple chips later from Watts, and BC has their 4th goal of the night.

Boston College Goal #5: 3:52 of the 2nd period
Daryl Watts (Makenna Newkirk, Delaney Belinskas)

BC 5, UMO 0

Into the second period we went, where it continued to be all BC. Belinskas, Newkirk and Watts all combine for one very slick goal here for the Eagles.

There’s just so much happening here that it takes about a dozen watches of the GIF to piece it all together.

First, Belinskas makes the backward pass off the boards to Newkirk behind the goal line to ease the pressure from the defender on her. Newkirk kicks the puck onto her stick and passes it back into the slot for the streaking Watts all in one motion.

Watts, to her credit, has the vision to see the play developing before it even happens, and comes flying in before the Maine defenders even really know she’s there.

Watts then just embarrasses the poor Maine goalie with a delay on the shot before firing it into the now gaping opening behind Jackson. Jackson never has a chance.

Boston College Goal #6 (TD): 4:55 of the 2nd period
Maegan Beres (Erin Connolly, Ryan Little)

BC 6, UMO 0

BC’s third line gets in on the action for the touchdown. Connolly takes possession of the puck across the blue line, with Beres sprinting in and beating her defender to create a mini two on one. She’s got her stick down giving Connolly a target, and Connolly sends the puck in for the deflection over the glove of Jackson.

Maine Goal #1: 13:55 of the 2nd period
Lydia Murray (Brittany Kucera, Cailey Hutchison)

BC 6, UMO 1

The Eagles did take their foot off the gas a little bit — but not much — and Maine did get themselves on the scoreboard. This is... really not Katie Burt’s finest moment, as she comes way, way out to play the initial shot, and it leaves her pretty far out of her crease on the rebound.

Lydia Murray has the entire net to shoot at as she’s going down, and Maine is able to prevent the shutout.

Boston College Goal #7 (PAT): 10:36 of the 3rd period
Caitrin Lonergan (Daryl Watts, Delaney Belinskas)

BC 7, UMO 1

But the Eagles got the goal back in the third period. Daryl Watts, whose on-ice vision is starting to become one of the most impressive tools in her clearly overstocked toolbox, wins the puck by herself from the Maine defender and wraps herself behind the net.

She turns and finds Lonergan creeping in on goal out front, and sends the puck right onto her stick to give the Eagles the extra point.

Maine Goal #2: 13:03 of the 3rd period
Catherine Tufts (Brooke Stacey, Tereza Vanišová)


Maine got themselves one more for the road before the end of the game. The Black Bears fired a couple pretty hard shots on net that Katie Burt isn’t able to control. The rebound ends up out front, and the BC defenders aren’t able to get to the puck before Tufts does. She cranks the puck home with authority, and that was that.

BC’s probably going to play in a lot of high-scoring games this season. They’re averaging over two goals allowed per game — which is quite a lot for a team with Frozen Four aspirations — but they are scoring goals are a pretty crazy 4.14 GPG clip, tops in the nation, and don’t appear to show any signs of slowing down. Lonergan and Watts look like they’re probably going to be dueling each other to be the front-runner for the Patty Kazmaier Award, so we might see some Sosa vs. McGuire fireworks over the next several months out of BC’s “second line.”

The Eagles have themselves a bit of a rough weekend coming up. They’ll face Providence College on Friday afternoon — a Friars team that has climbed into the top 10 of the SB Nation Women’s Hockey poll — before having to deal with the baffling scheduling arrangement of schlepping up to Syracuse for a road game less than 24 hours later.

BC got through its first weekend without Cayla Barnes unscathed. Having an opportunity to actually run a few practices with its new defensive lineup will hopefully put them in an even better position next weekend.