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2017-2018 NCAA Women's Hockey KRACH Calculator

Because hockey math is the best math

Rich Gagnon, BC Athletics

They say necessity is the mother of invention. A couple seasons ago, USCHO's women's hockey KRACH ratings were being calculated incorrectly, as USCHO had not included Merrimack, new to D1 women's hockey for the 2015-2016 season, in its calculations.

So here at BC Interruption, we published the correct KRACH ratings including games against Merrimack. Starting last year, USCHO's KRACH ratings have been correct, but we will continue to post our own KRACH calculator right here.

Our KRACH calculator has the added feature of allowing you to edit game results and see its result in the ratings. This is useful for "what if" situations where you want to see where a team would be ranked if you changed a certain result. To do this, just edit a score in the "Results" tab of the spreadsheet.

We’ve also included a built-in calculator this year that will use the KRACH ratings to determine the odds of any two teams winning a given game.

A word of caution — the spreadsheet involves infinite iterations, so if you change a result and the numbers go all wonky on you... well, sorry. If you have any questions, comments, or bugs to report, I can be reached at grant dot salzano at gmail dot com.

For more information about KRACH Ratings and how they are calculated, check out USCHO's and Ken Butler's explanations posted online.

KRACH Ratings:
NCAA National Collegiate Women's Hockey