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2020-2021 Hockey East Men’s & Women’s KRACH Rankings

Running the numbers

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

KRACH Ratings:
Hockey East — Men

KRACH Ratings:
Hockey East — Women

Welcome to BC Interruption’s 2020-2021 Hockey East KRACH Rankings! With COVID-19 forcing the league into an unbalanced schedule, BCI believes that the league should move to use KRACH to determine conference tournament seeding. In a normal season with a balanced schedule, KRACH would be unnecessary as the teams’ rankings would simply match the standings, but with an unbalanced schedule, differences in schedule strength and in number of games played must be accounted for.

This page will be regularly updated with the league’s KRACH rankings. You can change game results as well to see how it would affect the rankings using the ResultsM and ResultsW tabs. We also include a built-in calculator that uses the KRACH ratings to determine the odds of any two teams winning a given game.

A word of caution — the spreadsheets involve infinite iterations, so if you change a result and the numbers go all wonky on you... well, sorry. All I can say is to refresh and try again. If you have any questions, comments, or bugs to report, I can be reached at grant dot salzano at gmail dot com.

For more information about KRACH Ratings and how they are calculated, check out USCHO’s and CHN’s explanations posted online.