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MIH: Harrison Roy To Transfer To Lake Superior State

The late departure is heading to Sault Ste. Mare

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

A couple weeks ago, Boston College Men’s Hockey forward Harrison Roy notified his teammates that he would not be returning to the Heights next season. According to Roy’s Twitter account, it now appears that he will be heading to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to continue his college hockey career playing for Lake Superior State.

Roy’s first and only year on the Heights saw the freshman put up a 2-1—3 line in 23 games in the COVID-shortened 2020-2021 season. While his ice time was somewhat limited, he did take quite a few faceoffs for the Eagles, taking taking winning 45 of his 110 draws on the season.

Given that Roy wasn’t a big impact player, the Eagles should be able to fill his ice time without too much trouble despite the transfer coming relatively late in the offseason. It’s certainly possible that the team may bring in an extra freshman who might otherwise have pushed back a year, as well, to fill the roster spot.

Best of luck to Harrison as he continues his college hockey career with the Lakers.