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We Raised $2,145 To Help Jake Goodreau With His Medical Bills. Here’s How You Can Donate

UPDATE: There was a late pledge that our algorithm was not set up to factor. The pledge total has been updated to reflect that.

Last week we started a pledge drive to help BC baseball player Jake Goodreau with his medical bills. For those who might not remember, Goodreau was diagnosed with thyroid cancer earlier this year, and his family started a GoFundMe to help defray the medical costs.

After all the games this weekend, we tabulated all of the pledges to see how much we raised. Based on the games this weekend, we have raised $2,145 for Goodreau’s medical costs.

Now the fun part: the actual donating. If you have a specific question about your pledges, feel free to reach out to us at However, if you do know what you pledged, here is the relevant stats for those who donated:

BC men’s hockey wins: 2

BC men’s goals: 10

BC women’s goals scored by Daryl Watts: 1

BC men’s shots on goal: 83

BC men’s points: 24

Joel Farabee goals: 4

UConn wins v. UMass: 1

How do I donate?

Everyone can go to Goodreau’s GoFundMe page here.

Thanks to everyone who pledged!