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Boston College Men’s Hockey v. Providence: Final Thoughts and Predictions

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four-Providence vs Southern California Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well. The two (possibly three) most important games of the season are upon us.

We have known for a little while now that BC would have to win the Hockey East championship to make the NCAA tournament. The regular season had just been an exercise in how to best facilitate that goal.

And... well... the regular season could have been worse!

But the reality exists that BC has to travel to Providence this weekend and win two games in order to keep its season alive. BC only has a 1% chance of winning the Hockey East tournament based on the road it will likely have to take in order to win.

But, it’s March! So in a usual March mentality, I ask: why not us?

Here’s why not us:

  1. On the road again: Not that BC was exactly blowing the doors off of Kelley Rink, but BC has been markedly worse away from the friendly confines of Conte Forum. The Eagles have gone 3-14-1 on the road, which looks even worse when you realize that that two of the three wins came against UConn, which, lol. The Eagles play has been noticeably worse, and with two must win games away from Kelley Rink, it’s going to be a challenge.
  2. Recency bias: Ever since, oh I don’t know let’s come up with a random data point, Jerry York’s contract was extended, BC has dropped seven of its last eight, often appearing non-competitive during large swaths of time in the respective games. As important as a total season is when evaluating a team, recent performance is more indicative of probable performance than more distant performance. It is undeniable that BC is playing its worst hockey of the season going into the Hockey East tournament, and that should concern every and all BC fans.
  3. History, and how the Eagles are doomed to repeat it: A No. 7 seed has only made the Hockey East semifinal twice in the entire history of the conference. Yep. And the No. 7 seed lost both times in the semifinal. That means a No. 7 seed has never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EEEVVVVEEEEERRRRR even made it to the championship game, let alone won it.

Lol, way to be so negative Arthur! BC can totally do this!

  1. Look deeper into the numbers: Yeah. Ok. BC has definitely regressed since the new year. But guess what it also did TWICE since the new year. Yeah, BEAT PROVIDENCE! The Eagles have already shown, even in their reduced state, that they can compete with the Friars, even beat them! Going on the road will be tricky but BC can totally pull this off!
  2. #cawlidgehawkey: We could have totally also mentioned Hayden Hawkey in the last section. He has been one of the best goaltenders in the country based on pretty much any metric. Yet, the Eagles in their two wins against the Friars, seemed to rattle him. Four goals on 19 shots in one game, three on 22 in the other doesn’t scream strong goaltending performance, so it’s entirely possible the Eagles can get to Hawkey again.
  3. It’s March: We’re only three years removed from when Northeastern won the Hockey East championship from the No. 6 seed. Everything remarkable that has ever happened in the history of ever came from a point where it hadn’t been done before, only to have someone defy the odds and have it happen. Why not this year?

A Serious Plea For Pledges

You may have seen us talk about the pledge drive we’re doing for BC baseball player Jake Goodreau, and how we’re trying to help offset some of his hospital costs in his fight against cancer. There is still time to donate! Just click this link and fill out the form on the page. The family could absolutely use all the help it could get, so let’s get a bunch of pledges in!

A Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Providence’s Wikipedia Page

Providence’s endowment is $213 million.

Beer of the Game

Victory Hip Czech Lager

Frequent readers of this column know how much I love Victory. This is their newest release, a hockey themed beer. It’s good! You should have it!

Ice Cream of the Week

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

I’m borrowing Grant’s feature because I just want to say that I read his women’s hockey predictions for BU last week and how he raved about how great Turkey Hill ice cream is, which is true, but is also a thing that people growing up in the Delaware Valley have known for about 20 years now. Anyway, this is just my signal boosting Turkey Hill, and its wondrous nature.

The Providence Friar is Now Taking Over This Column

oh no

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Providence Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

oh nooo.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Providence vs Southern California Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

ohhhh noooooo

NCAA Basketball: Siena at Providence Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four-Providence vs Southern California Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


/soul is haunted by the providence friar

/all hope is lost


I really am optimistic about this series. I think BC is good for at least one win despite their snake bitten nature on the road. That said, I just can’t see BC making it out of Providence. The road ends this weekend.

Hockey East Quarterfinal Prediction

Name Who Will Win Game 1? What will be the score? Who Will Win Game 2? What will be the score? Will there be a Game 3? Who will win Game 3? What will be the score? Favorite memory of the regular season
Name Who Will Win Game 1? What will be the score? Who Will Win Game 2? What will be the score? Will there be a Game 3? Who will win Game 3? What will be the score? Favorite memory of the regular season
Arthur Providence 4-1 Boston College 3-2 Yes Providence 5-3 Beating Harvard in the Beanpot was pretty great. Being able to snap the OOC losing streak was a good monkey to get off our back.
Grant Providence 3-0 Providence 2-1. There will be a game 3 even though we lose both games just because God wants to punish us for something. Yes Providence Bad Winning the Beanpot semifinal. It was nice to be excited about something.
Steven Boston College 3-2 Providence 3-0 Yes Providence 3-1 The winter break