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Boston College Men’s Hockey: A Look at the Hockey East Tournament Picture

2019 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With the end of the regular season coming up, let’s take a look at where BC is in terms of Hockey East Tournament standing.

As we have known for some time, BC’s run as Hockey East regular season champions will come to an end this season. However, the situation is more dire than that.

With Providence’s 5-2 victory over UConn Tuesday night in Hartford, BC has officially been mathematically eliminated from contention for the second seed in the tournament. At this point, the Eagles can now finish anywhere from third to eighth in the league.

How do we get there? The Eagles could potentially obtain a maximum of 27 points moving forward. If the Eagles were to win out, they would hold tiebreakers over Northeastern (2-0-0), since the Beanpot does not count against the Hockey East tournament tiebreaker. That means if the Eagles get to 27 points, they would leapfrog Northeastern assuming the Huskies lose to UNH in the last game of the season. Additionally, assuming that Maine doesn’t reach 27 points, as the Black Bears hold the tiebreaker over the Eagles, and BU doesn’t reach 28 points, the Eagles would leapfrog them as well assuming the Eagles win out.

But the Eagles have been mediocre as of late, so the best-case scenario might not be the most likely scenario. Currently the Eagles sit at 21 points, which is where they will remain if they lose out. If the Eagles were to lose out, UNH would just have to get two of six remaining points since the Wildcats have the tiebreaker over the Eagles (1-0-1). That means the Eagles control their own destiny for seventh place, but it’s rather precarious. If the Eagles were to drop Friday’s game against Northeastern and UNH were to beat UMass Lowell, the Eagles would lose control of its destiny for the seventh spot and would need help to get it.

What this all means is that the Eagles, despite all of the struggles this season, still have a lot of mobility and a lot to play for these next three games. The most likely scenarios at this point are the Eagles finishing in seventh or eighth place, though again the Eagles can finish as high as third.

Here is how BC could be eliminated from each spot:

No. 3: UMass Lowell beats/ties UNH

No. 4: BC ties/loses to Northeastern

No. 5 BC loses to Northeastern OR BC ties Northeastern & BU beats Providence