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Boston College v. UMass: Final Thoughts and Predictions

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2019 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Monday was obviously really frustrating. The Boston College Eagles fell behind early but put together quite the comeback against Northeastern in the Beanpot championship. No one reasonably thought BC was the favorite, but the comeback was reassuring. Now the Eagles can move forward with their season and continue that momentum.

This week they can do just that against... UMass?

Oh boy.

What to watch for?

  1. Scoring. So much scoring: The main question everyone is going to be asking is: UMass. Seriously, are they that good? The answer is, absolutely, and the first biggest thing is scoring. UMass has the fifth best Corsi for %’s in the country, and three of the top 50 scorers in the country. They have the 13th best shooting percentage in the nation, and are fifth in the country in goals for. The point is, this offense can do some serious damage.
  2. Goaltending. So much goaltending: But as good as the offense is, the defense is as good if not better. Matt Murray (no relation) has been absolutely stellar, and has been one of the best goaltenders in the country. This is not an easy team to score against.
  3. Is this a good team?: Yeah. They are really, really good. They have done a great job with recruiting. Greg Carvel has really resurrected this program from the dead.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Wikipedia from UMass

Amherst was named by US News and World Report as one of the best college towns in the country.

Huh. ‘Tis true.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Johnny Walker Black

Get drunk, but in a classy sophisticated manner.


Saturday BC is hosting a women’s basketball game at 1 and a men’s hockey game at 8. Shoutout to the Conte Forum bull crew for making it happen.


This has the potential to be a rough weekend. UMass is a lot better than Northeastern, and we don’t know if Logan Hutsko is going to be back. I don’t think BC comes away with points.

UMass Predictions

Name Who Will Win on Friday? What Will Be The Score? Who Will Win Saturday? What Will Be The Score? EXCITEMENT LEVEL
Name Who Will Win on Friday? What Will Be The Score? Who Will Win Saturday? What Will Be The Score? EXCITEMENT LEVEL
Grant UMass Oh God UMass Oh Jesus 5
Steven UMass 4-1 UMass 4-2 2
Peter UMass 3-1 UMass 2-1 3
Arthur UMass 5-1 UMass 4-2 1