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The 67th Beanpot Championship Game: Boston College v. Northeastern, Final Thoughts and Predictions

2015 Beanpot Tournament - Consolation Game Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The week long wait is over. The Boston College Eagles are taking on the Northeastern Huskies for the Beanpot championship. The Huskies are the current champions.

But how did we get here?

Boston College: The 67th Beanpot: Eagles Down Crimson 2-1, Advance To The Beanpot Championship

Northeastern: Madden’s Heroics Sends Huskies to Beanpot Final

What to Watch For

  1. Absence of key players:Logan Hutsko and Jack McBain left Friday night’s game against UMass Lowell with apparent injuries. While we haven’t heard anything in terms of how severe the injuries are, three days is a quick turnaround, so the likelihood of BC having two of its top five scorers (especially someone who has been hot as of late like McBain) is troubling, especially since Northeastern is rather strong up front.
  2. Backing into the championship: With that said, Northeastern is not in great shape either. Last Monday’s overtime defeat of the Boston University Terriers interrupted a three game losing streak, and the Huskies dropped a game to UConn Friday night. That means the Huskies have only won one of their last four. Northeastern looked solid offensively against BU (just ask Jake Oettinger), but this is not how you want to back into a Beanpot Championship.
  3. GRaNT: Hey remember the GRaNT rankings? It predicts a 3.01-2.07 Northeastern victory.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Wikipedia

Historic Matthews Arena hosted the 1960 Frozen Four.

Drink of the Game

Cranberry juice

I love cranberry juice. You should too.


The consolation game is not televised. Fortunately BC is not in it so we care less about that this year. That said, the fact that the consolation game is not televised remains really really dumb.


BC will win. Why not.

Name: Patrick Toppin
Who Will Win? Boston College
What Will Be The Score? 40000-0

Name: Grant
Who Will Win? Northeastern
What Will Be The Score? 4-0

Name: Steven
Who Will Win? Boston College
What Will Be The Score? 3-2

Name: Blogmom
Who Will Win? Boston College
What Will Be The Score? I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt

Name: Arthur Bailin
Who Will Win? Boston College
What Will Be The Score? 3-2