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Boston College Men’s Ice Hockey v. UConn: Final Thoughts and Predictions

2005 Beanpot Tournament

Well. Here we are.

After a week where the Eagles picked up only one of a measly four points on the weekend, the Eagles are looking at some hard truths. Because they are hard truths, we will be using Facebook’s balloon filter to tell them.

BC has played the weakest league schedule thus far, with a combined winning percentage of .450. And even with that in mind, the Eagles have struggled. Losing the league opener to Merrimack comes to mind, as does dropping games to UNH and a laugher against Maine. 8-4-3 is not a bad record per se, as it is good enough for second in the league, but it feels like the Eagles have lost opportunities, especially considering...

Now the Eagles have the toughest run in all of Hockey East coming up. The Eagles have a game against UMass Lowell, and two games against UMass Amherst and Northeastern. Each. That’s deadly for a team that has struggled, and in a very tight Hockey East all games are important.

Now, because of all of that, the Eagles’ are in trouble. According to (which, take it for what it’s worth), the Eagles most likely finish is in the 7th position in Hockey East. The Eagles only have an 18% chance at home ice advantage in the Hockey East tournament. This is all bad because...

Barring some ridiculous statistical anomaly, the Eagles will not get an at-large berth. The Hockey East tournament is a must win to extend the Eagles’ season, and any obstacle that makes it more challenging is troublesome.

Now let’s break down this week’s opponent.

Talkin’ Bout the Huskies

  1. They’re in last place in Hockey East: Yeah.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact about UConn

The University of Connecticut has a Division I FBS football program.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Bailey’s Irish Cream

This is a really great after-dinner drink on the rocks. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Is Jonathan the Husky A Good Boy?


Predictions Y’alllllll

One more balloon message.

Somehow the Eagles have scraped to a 2-8-1 record away from the friendly confines of Chestnut Hill. Couple that with the Beanpot on Monday and the Eagles playing really poor hockey, this feels like a problem waiting to happen. I’m gonna buck the trend of my colleagues and predict a tie.

UConn Predictions

Name: Who Will Win? What Will Be The Score? Is Everything Sad and Awful?
Name: Who Will Win? What Will Be The Score? Is Everything Sad and Awful?
Steven Boston College 3-2 More or less
Laura Boston College 4-1 No
Grant Boston College 4-0 Yeah but at least we're not UConn
Peter Boston College 3-1 BC Not when we play UConn
Arthur Tie 2-2 Not yet