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BC Men’s Hockey Announces Ridiculously Good Throwback Jersey


BC Hockey, Twitter

Boston College Men’s Hockey has been teasing a new throwback jersey all week which will be worn in tonight’s game against the UConn Huskies. This morning, they finally tweeted a full announcement with a video clip.

Be forewarned, the new jerseys are borderline erotic:

After the news broke, we were able to capture a live reaction shot over in the BCI newsroom.

Boston College in general has done a pretty good job with coming out with strong alternate jerseys — and not just in hockey — but these may be the best BC has come out with.

How do I love thee, jersey? Let me count the ways.

  • Old school logo. BC has been breaking this out all over the place lately, leading to calls for us to go back to it as our primary logo. It looks good.
  • It’s a white jersey, not gold like most of our alternates have been, and the contrast is striking. This is an incredibly clean look. There is no nonsense going on here: No stained glass, no embellishment, nothing overdone — just a clean white look with the five-stripe accent from the 1960s. Incredible that Under Armor (if they were involved) had the good sense to take the 1960s jersey and actually give us the damn 1960s jersey without throwing in, like, an Eagle tearing apart a fish or something in the white space.
  • Numbers on the arms: This looks sharp as hell.
  • TIE STRINGS! Someone out there is listening!
  • This is going to get buried in the avalanche of people talking about how sharp and clean the front of the jersey is, but look how readable the back is:

That is extremely easy on the eyes, friends.

BC... this is exceptional. We are more than happy to call things out when they are not, but this is very, very good. Please take my money.

The jersey is available at the bookstores starting tonight during the BC vs. UConn game, where the team will debut the jerseys, as well as online at the BC Bookstore (there are some technical difficulties in getting them on the bookstore site as of publish time, but assume they will be there shortly).