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Boston College Men’s Ice Hockey v. Merrimack: Final Thoughts and Predictions

NCAA Men’s Frozen Four Semifinals: Boston College v North Dakota Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles look for their first win of the year as they open up Hockey East play against Merrimack in a home-and-home series.


1. Breaking down the St. Cloud ga...: NOPE


Yeah. Nope.

Even if I did watch the game (which, mercifully, I didn’t, I was on a plane to Washington), it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to talk about. It was game tape that the coaching staff should burn. The game never happened. We are never speaking of it ever again. Ever.

2. Move Past the Struggles: BC is in a historic slump. The key is to not let morale get down and keep things focused. All it takes is one to break the slump, but that one is a mountain to climb.

3. Don’t Let Lawler Beat You: Lawler Rink is a weird building, to be blunt. It is the smallest arena in Hockey East, and feels like a community rink in many ways. It is also a rink where Merrimack enjoys a fairly tangible home-ice advantage, and the Eagles have historically struggled at Lawler. Merrimack is a tough team to play in that building, and the Egales can’t let the venue get to them, as it has so many times in the past.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Merrimack’s Wikipedia Page

Merrimack’s Wikipedia page is too short to do this feature. No, I’m serious.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Victory Brewing Company, Donnybrook Stout

I was going to do the Damage Done beer, but AJ got to it first. Thanks AJ.

No matter, this gives me an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite dark beers.

This is a nitro infused beer when served on tap, and has a very low ABV. It looks and tastes like a stout, but it is not overwhelming at all, almost refreshing. I highly recommend drinking this whenever you see it on tap.


This is going to be a recurring series until a team convinces me that this year’s Beanpot won’t be a tournament between four aggressively mediocre teams.

In this week’s edition: the Boston University Terriers are also still searching for their first win. They had a really good chance this week against a probably overachieving, Northeastern team. This was a good opportunity for the Terriers to get their first win down the street.


Good job, good effort BU! You got your first result, but still don’t have any wins.

Also, 50 shots on goal for BU? Pray for Cayden Primeau, y’all.


This series screams split. I’m taking the home team in each game. 2-1, 4-3