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Meet The Eagles, BC Men’s Hockey Edition: JD Dudek

Get to know #15

BC Athletics

It’s almost hockey season! We’re ticking off the days by going through the BC Eagles men’s hockey roster to introduce you to each player. The veterans — juniors! — are first!

Name: JD Dudek

Number: 15

Position: Forward

Class Year: Junior

Drafted: #152 by the New Jersey Devils in 2014 — in the pick immediately following Christopher Brown

Background: JD Dudek started out his career with a modest 1-2—3 line as a freshman in 34 games, but in limited time, it felt like he had a chance to be the prototypical 4-year Boston College success story. He continued that progression with a very good sophomore year, going 13-9—22, good enough for 3rd on the team in goals. He had a hat trick again UConn on November 22nd, which is a great way to win the hearts of BC fans. Perhaps he’ll do the same against BU this year!

2017-18 Outlook: Dudek, like all of the returning forwards, is going to be leaned on heavily to provide offense thanks to the loss of five seniors and the return of exactly zero (0) juniors. Dudek was 2nd in goals among returning players and 5th in points, so BC is going to look for Dudek to provide top-2-line scoring numbers.

Fun Fact: Every time an Eagle scores a hat trick against UConn, an angel gets its wings.

Official BC Interruption Player Hashtag: #BeADudek