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GOAL BY GOAL: Parade Of Penalties Sees BC Men’s Hockey Fall 5-2 To #3 Saint Cloud

It started out so well, and ended so badly

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

Boston College Men’s Hockey came into the weekend off the high of scoring 4 unanswered goals to topple #6 Providence last weekend by a 4-3 score in overtime. Unfortunately, St. Cloud State pulled off something similar against the Eagles on Friday night, overcoming an early 2-0 Boston College lead to score 5 unanswered (one an empty net).

St. Cloud came away with the 5-2 win, and Boston College came away being excessively well acquainted with St. Cloud’s penalty box.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 6:09 of the 1st period
Logan Hutsko (Casey Fitzgerald, Graham McPhee)

BC 1, SCSU 0

Early on, it looked like BC was every bit the team the Huskies were. St. Cloud took the game’s first penalty, and the Eagles took advantage to take the early lead.

Casey Fitzgerald’s attempt is definitely a shot-pass intentionally wide — he is looking right at Hutsko coming in from the corner. It’s right on the tape, and Hutsko puts a perfect deflection on it right off the water bottle to put the Eagles ahead.


Boston College Goal #2: 4:10 of the 2nd period
Christopher Brown (Jacob Tortora, Connor Moore)

BC 2, SCSU 0

The Eagles continued their strong play early on in the 2nd period. BC has a really nice rush into the St. Cloud end with some good passing across the blue line to open up a little bit of space.

The initial shot doesn’t have much of a chance, but because there’s so much traffic, the puck rebounds out front with St. Cloud goaltender Jeff Smith out of position. Christopher Brown went to the front of the net after coming into the offensive zone, so he’s there to fire in the rebound to put BC up by 2.

That was the clear high point of the game. It was all negative from there.

St. Cloud Goal #1: 10:48 of the 2nd period
Kevin Fitzgerald (Jimmy Schuldt, Ryan Poehling)

BC 2, SCSU 1

St. Cloud is too good of a team to get shut out, so you knew they would come around eventually. It was just too bad that this was the goal they got to kick things off, because Edquist was playing really well. St. Cloud’s initial shot is stopped but ends up sitting right on the goal mouth. Edquist is laying there and he just doesn’t see it, even though it’s about three inches to the right of his ear.

The Huskies’ Kevin Fitzgerald saw it, though, and came storming in to poke it in to put St. Cloud on the board.

St. Cloud Goal #2: 12:10 of the 2nd period
Jack Poehling (Judd Peterson, Will Borgen)

BC 2, SCSU 2

Just 82 seconds later, the Huskies tied the game and erased all the great work the Eagles had put together in the first half of the game.

That is really some bounce. The original shot from Peterson either hits a stanchion, or that glass is made of rubber — because it rebounds all the way back in front of the net and lands almost on the fly onto the stick of Poehling. Edquist has no chance.

St. Cloud Goal #3 (PPG, GWG): 7:18 of the 3rd period
Jack Ahcan (Blake Lizotte, Ryan Poehling)

SCSU 3, BC 2

BC went into the third period tied at 2-2, but it really felt like it was just a matter of time until St. Cloud found their winner.

The Huskies didn’t have to wait too long to find it. Seven minutes in, St. Cloud took their first lead of the game thanks to one of BC’s many penalties. All they do is pass the puck around the top of the umbrella until they get a look they like with some room to take the shot, and the puck finds its way all the way through the traffic past a screened Ryan Edquist.

BC really did themselves no favors in the 3rd period. The Eagles took a whopping 10 penalties in this game. Six of them came in the 3rd, and BC played 10 of the first 17 minutes shorthanded. Doing that against the #3 team in the country is a great way to have the wheels come off.

St. Cloud Goal #4 (PPG): 13:22 of the 3rd period
Robby Jackson (Jimmy Schuldt)

SCSU 4, BC 2

And come off they did. Two penalties later, the Eagles are really reeling, St. Cloud is in control, and BC’s a mess thanks to having to skate piecemeal lines with everyone taking their turn in the penalty box.

St. Cloud is just dominating the Eagles in this play. It’s a miracle they didn’t score on the first chance, but Michael Karow made a heroic stick save in the crease to keep the puck out.

Unfortunately, his clear winds up on the stick of Schuldt, who is easily able to find Jackson. By the time Jackson takes the shot, BC is in total disarray and all five Huskies are below the top of the faceoff circle. Jackson’s shot easily beast a tumbling Edquist, and that effectively ended the game for the Eagles.

St. Cloud Goal #5 (ENG): 19:29 of the 3rd period
Robby Jackson (Jimmy Schuldt)


St. Cloud added the empty net to finish things off, and that was that.

The 2nd half of this game was really bad for BC, although it’s hard to tell just how much of that was a result of them spending so much time in the penalty box. They did skate with St. Cloud for the 1st half of the game and took a pretty impressive 2-0 lead, but then things fell apart.

The Eagles are going to need to play a much more complete game tonight in game 2 if they want to come out of Minnesota without getting swept. Puck drop is at 8:30pm.