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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Pittsburgh: Final Thoughts and Predictions

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Since Jan. 11, the Boston College Eagles have been on a seven game schnide. The Eagles look to fix that against Pittsburgh.

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

Eagles Routed By Louisville 90-67

How Did Pittsburgh Do Last Time Out?

Pitt loses at Duke as skid hits eight games

What to Watch for Against Pitt:

  1. Possible Turnover Reprieve?: Pitt is the worst team in the ACC in terms of forcing turnovers. While BC was able to limit the turnovers in the first half against Louisville, playing against a team that isn’t known for exploiting one BC’s biggest faults could work out for the Eagles.
  2. Bring Back the Three Point Game: As I predicted was going to happen last game, BC struggled to find its stroke from three point range. Pittsburgh is a lot easier to score on from three point range, so look for the Eagles to exploit that.
  3. Hosting a Weak Team At Home: This might be the Eagles’ last decent chance at an ACC win. The schedule only gets harder from here.

Alcoholic Accompaniment of the Game:

If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, make sure to stop by the Church Brew Works, and have this drink with some pierogies.

Song of the Game

Billy Joel- Allentown

Look, I’m going to level with ya: there’s no good music about Pittsburgh. Take this one about another Pennsylvania steel town.


I like the Eagles’ chances this game.

Arthur: 90-81 Birds

Grant: 117-97 BC

Eric: 85-78 BC

Tom: 81-75 Pitt