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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Louisville: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Since Jan. 11, the Boston College Eagles have been on a six game schnide. The Eagles look to fix that against Louisville.

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

BOSTON COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL FINAL SCORE: Eagles Get Bullied by John Collins, Lose Another Close One, 85-80 to Wake Forest

How Did Louisville Do Last Time Out?

Mitchell carries Cards to beatdown of NC State

Louisville Key Stats:

78.0 ppg (83rd in the country)

62.1 paa (13th)

41.5 rpg (7th)

Things to Look Out For Saturday Afternoon:

  1. Play Well Inside: The Eagles are not going to win Saturday’s game from beyond the arc: Louisville is one of the best teams in the country in defending three pointers (fourth in defensive three point percentage). The Eagles certainly won’t score inside easily, as Louisville is certainly no bargain there either, but the Eagles might have more success there.
  2. Keep Up the Scoring Depth: Jordan Chatman might have trouble Saturday with the Louisville defense, but BC can use the scoring depth that Chatman provided the past two games. Perhaps someone inside can help.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Wikipedia about Louisville

The university is on academic probation by its accrediting agency for violating rules regarding independence.

(Non-)Alcoholic Accompaniment For Saturday Night’s Game


The alcoholic beverage of the game will be back next game. But man, I’m tired. Between law school admissions, reading for class, and the revving up of hockey season, I’m exhausted. I need my caffeine.

Song of the Game

My Old Kentucky Home

My Old Kentucky Home is more of a Kentucky song, but the University of Louisville marching band plays this song at every Kentucky Derby at nearby Churchill Downs. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song.


I’m not optimistic.

Arthur: 80-50 Louisville

Eric: 93-74 Louisville

Grant: 77-66 BC

Tom: 77-62 Louisville