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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Wake Forest: Final Thoughts and Predictions


NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Since Jan. 11, the Boston College Eagles have been on a five game schnide. The Eagles look to fix that against Wake Forest.

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

BOSTON COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL FINAL SCORE: Eagles waste historic night from Jordan Chatman; Lose 85-79 to Virginia Tech

How Did Wake Forest Do Last Time Out?

Wake Loses Big Lead Late, Falls to Duke at Home, 85-83

Wake Forest Key Stats:

81.5 ppg (28th in the country)

76.3 paa (272nd)

36.5 rpg (162nd)

Things to Look Out For Tuesday Evening:

  1. Different Eagles Team: While the present-day Boston College Eagles have similar characteristics to the team that played Wake Forest on Jan. 3, the team is different in key ways. The Eagles are finding new scoring threats outside of Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson (hello, Jordan Chatman). The Eagles are also playing really competitive basketball as of late, something that they might not have been capable of at the beginning of the month. Expect the team that comes out to the home crowd at Conte Forum to be different. That said…
  2. Make Your Threes: BC cannot have another night where the team shot 16.7% from beyond the arc, like it did against Wake last time the two teams met. When the guards get hot, that is a way that the Eagles can put teams away. However, struggles can also hamper the Eagles’ efforts.
  3. Chances Running out for Win No. 10: It isn’t exactly a state secret that the Eagles perform better at home than on the road. Yet, the number of home games are starting to dwindle, and games against beatable teams are also dwindling as well. The Eagles need to get over the hump at some point.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Wikipedia about Wake Forest

The motto of the law school is pro humanitate, or “For Humanity”.

Alcoholic Accompaniment For Tuesday Night’s Game

Victory Prima Pils

Victory Brewing Company has connections to North Carolina, but I’m not sure what they are. Maybe a North Carolina-based group has ownership stake? Maybe they have a plant? idk. (ed. note: for more solid journalisming, go to

Anyway, drink this beer.

Because I told you to.

Because it is delicious.

Hey, I’m doing the best I can with the beer thing, I don’t know that many beers ok? LEAVE ME ALONE

Song of the Game

Wagon Wheel-Darius Rucker

I was going to do the Old Crow Medicine Show version, but that one sucks. This version is 100000000% better.


I think this has all the marks of an upset. I think Wake is beatable, and I love how BC has been playing lately.

70-65 Birds

As we’re gearing up for Women’s Beanpot coverage, we didn’t do formal predictions for this game, but here’s what our staff sent in:

Tom: Bowman goes for 33 again and BC still loses 80-75

Laura: BC 3 BU 2– Happy Beanpot Month

Grant: I will Wake at 7 AM (editors note: Grant, that joke is stupid. No one will get it.)

Eric: 81-74 BC