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BOSTON COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL FINAL SCORE: Eagles Drop Heartbreaker to Hurricanes 78-77

Eagles fall to 9-12 (2-6) on the year.

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

At one point in the second half, it looked like Wednesday night’s matchup between the Miami Hurricanes and the Boston College Eagles was out of hand.

With 7:01 left in the game, the Hurricanes were in the midst of a 17-6 run, resulting in a 64-48 scoreline, and the Eagles looked destined for another road lost.

And yet, while that ultimately came to fruition, the Eagles put up one heluva fight. The Hurricanes survived a late push by the Eagles to beat BC 78-77 in Coral Gables.

Both the Eagles and Hurricanes struggled offensively in the first half. On the Eagles side, offensive stalwarts Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman were held to 11 combined points in the first half. Yet the ‘Canes were unable to capitalize totally, only putting 30 points in their first half effort.

The second half was a different story, with the ‘Canes opening up on a 33-26 run to open up the second half, through the 7:01 mark.

The Eagles pushed back, with Robinson scoring 21 second half points, eating up the Hurricanes’ lead, to the point where a Jordan Chatman hit a three-pointer with 54 seconds in the game. The Hurricanes then made six straight free throws, essentially putting the game away.

The Eagles travel to Blacksburg, Va. to take on Va. Tech on Sunday.