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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Virginia: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Boston College v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles look to hit the 10 win mark when they host the Virginia Cavaliers.

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

Eagles Blown out by Syracuse Orange 76-53

How Did Virginia Do Last Time Out?

London Perrantes leads Virginia to huge road win at Clemson

Virginia Key Stats:

69.9 ppg (262nd in country)

53.4 paa (1st)

33.8 rpg (295th)

Things to Look Out For With Virginia:

  1. Defense Wins Games: The statistic that jumps out at someone looking at the Hoos is the scoring defense. Virginia has the best scoring defense in the country, and it’s not particularly close. (53.4 ppg allowed vs. No. 2 St Mary’s (CA) with 57.9 ppg allowed). With both of BC’s wins coming from strong shooting efforts from Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson, this game might require a different type of gameplan, since points won’t be easy to come by.
  2. Fouls: Virginia can be downright stingy with fouls drawn: Virginia has drawn the seventh least amount of fouls in the country as of Wednesday morning. Between a strong scoring defense and disciplined play, Virginia doesn’t offer up a lot of chances.
  3. Will the students return?: To put it bluntly, this is a game that BC might, nay, should struggle with. With that said, college basketball can be weird sometimes, and one of the main causes of weirdness is student sections. Problem is at BC is that the student section has been nonexistent recently, for obvious reasons. Thing is, the team is better. We detailed why the students should return to Conte Forum Wednesday evening. A rowdy crowd might complicate the game for the visitors.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Virginia’s Wikipedia Page

UVA’s Law School is No. 8 in the country.

If it seems like I’m going easy on UVA in this preview, it’s because I want a job after law school.

A Good Alcoholic Accompaniment To Be Drunk In Moderation

(note: the final thoughts and predictions offer this alcoholic accompaniment in recognition of the author's post 21st birthday life. final thoughts and predictions supports responsible drinking. this is a drink to be enjoyed for people 21 years of age and older)


London Basks In Heat Wave

I give up. Pick your own damn beer.

Rating the Opposing Mascot

Butler v Virginia Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Mascots with facial hair get bonus points.

Songs of the Game:

The Who: Who Are You

The lyrics of the game are Whoooooooo are you/who, who/who, who.

Get it?

Because they’re the Hoos.



Virginia is just too good, and I don’t like how the Eagles matchup.

Arthur: 75-50 Hoos

A.J.: 32-28 UVA

Grant: 111-91 UVA

Eric: 80-71 UVA

John “Coach” Fidler: 74-64 UVA

Tom: 77-62 UVA