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Eagles improve to 2-2 in ACC play

Boston College v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Maybe, just maybe, the hype surrounding the Boston College Eagles going into the 2016-17 season was reasonable.

To be sure, it’s impossible to ignore some of BC’s hiccups earlier in the season.

Yet it’s hard to watch Wednesday night’s game at Conte Forum, where the Eagles beat the NC State Wolfpack 74-66 in a back-and-forth matchup and not see the potential of the team.

With a reported 20 scouts on hand to watch the game, the stars of the night, Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson, dazzled the breathless audience at Conte Forum, shooting a combined 55% from the field, running an offense that looked as effective as it has all year.

Of course, Robinson and Bowman had a little help from their friends. Connar Tava and A.J. Turner had 13 and 10 points apiece, contributing to the Eagles’ offensive efforts.

It’s hard to find fault in the Eagles’ game Wednesday evening. Even BC’s free throw shooting, an Achilles’ heel for the Eagles this year, was strong, going 18-for-19 from the stripe.

The Eagles won’t play this way each game they play, and mishaps will likely continue to plague BC as it goes through its ACC schedule.

But for one night at Conte Forum, the Eagles showed the college basketball world what they’re capable of when playing a strong game.