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ACC Basketball Tournament: Full Schedule, TV Info and Bracket

Here's your TV schedule for this week's ACC tournament

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

There's good news and there's bad news for Boston College basketball. The bad news is that after completing the winless ACC season, they have to get on a plane, fly to Washington, deal with all the media chatter about the winless season, and go through it all over again against a Florida State team that (let's be honest) will probably make easy work of them.

The good news I suppose is that they do have one more chance to pick up a league win and ease at least some of the sting of what just went down last week.

BC plays Florida State in their tournament opener tomorrow afternoon; here's your complete game schedule for this week's ACC tournament.First round, Tuesday

Tuesday, March 8

12 pm... #12 NC State (15-16, 5-13 ACC) vs. #13 Wake Forest (11-19, 2-16) (ESPN2)

2:30 pm... #11 Florida State (18-12, 8-10) vs. #14 Boston College (7-24, 0-18) (ESPN2)

Wednesday, March 9

12 pm... #8 Pittsburgh (20-10, 9-9) vs. #9 Syracuse (19-12, 9-9), (ESPN)

2:30 pm... #5 Duke (22-9, 11-7) vs. NC State/Wake Forest (ESPN)

7 pm... #7 Clemson (17-13, 10-8) vs. #10 Georgia Tech (18-13, 8-10), (ESPN2)

9:30 pm... #6 Virginia Tech (18-13, 10-8) vs. Florida State/Boston College (ESPN2)

Quarterfinals, Thursday, March 10

12 pm... #1 North Carolina (25-6, 14-4) vs. Pittsburgh/Syracuse (ESPN)

2:30 pm... #4 Notre Dame (20-10, 11-7) vs. Duke/N.C. State/Wake Forest (ESPN)

7 pm... #2 Virginia (24-6, 13-5) vs. Clemson/Georgia Tech (ESPN)

9:30 pm... #3 Miami (24-6, 13-5) vs. Virginia Tech/Florida State/Boston College (ESPN)

Semifinals, Friday, March 11

7 pm... The early quarterfinal winners (ESPN)

9:30 pm... The late quarterfinal winners (ESPN)

Final, Saturday, March 12

9 pm, ESPN