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Boston College Basketball vs. Clemson: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles look to rebound from a heartbreaking performance against NC State on Senior Day when BC wraps up its season against the Clemson Tigers.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

Heartbreak in Raleigh: Boston College Basketball Loses Last Second Decision to NC State 73-72

How Did BC Do Last Time Against Clemson?

RECAP: Slow Offensive Night For Eli Carter Stymies Boston College Upset Bid, Eagles Fall To Clemson 65-54

Matchup of the Game

Guess Who's Back? Back Again? Jerome and AJ Are Back. Tell A Friend.

Hidden in the despair and frustration of Wednesday night's loss to NC State emerged some good news: A.J. Turner and Jerome Robinson are back from injury. This is good news on a variety of levels, but for this game in particular it means BC has a little bit more creativity with its matchups. This allows for BC to start its best players with role players coming in as needed. Without the pair, BC was reliant on role players to play outside of their usual assignments.

This will particularly help with covering Jaron Blossomgame, who is dangerous from anywhere on the court. BC, with a deeper bench, can try more things with Blossomgame and the Clemson offense. If they want to pick a battle on the boards, the Eagles have more flexibility. They also have more flexibility defensively.

The Original Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact© from Clemson's Wikipedia Page

Clemson has intramural cornhole. I know, that was the fact from the last Clemson game, but still. Intramural cornhole. That's awesome.

A Good Alcoholic Accompaniment To Be Drunk In Moderation

(note: the final thoughts and predictions offer this alcoholic accompaniment in recognition of the author's post 21st birthday life. final thoughts and predictions supports responsible drinking. this is a drink to be enjoyed for people 21 years of age and older)

Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

I'm going home Sunday night for break. I'll be home for one day.

The really cool thing about being from the Philadelphia area, especially now being 21, is the vibrant craft brew scene. In the tri-state area, (Pa., NJ, Del.) there are great breweries. These include breweries such as Victory, Troegs, Yuengling, Yards, Manayunk, and, last but not least, Dogfish Head.

What makes this IPA solid is its perfect balance between heavy and light. It is not glorified tap water like some beers that will remain Bud Light-less, but it is also not overly heavy, and can be enjoyed on its own.

Seriously though, that Victory Winter Cheers beer was really good.

Final Thoughts And Predictions

It should be noted that BC had a lead at halftime against Clemson last time the two teams played. Couple that with Robinson and Turner returning, and the fact the game is at home, and I think BC has a really good shot at this one.

68-66 BC

Writer Pick Explanation Points

68-66 BC

I get the bonus point.

I will be covering the Women's Hockey East semifinals.

Joe N/A

Joe's reaction to having to pick a score after the NC State game:

Grant 72-67 BC

Grant is channeling his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin for this pick, for some reason.

(Brian Favat note: lol)


65-56 Clemson

Please lie to Eli Carter and tell him the season ended on Wednesday 32
Dan 72-58 Clemson

All I know is the first one of my friends to make a winless joke at me is getting punched in the head.


Laura 67-63 BC

I'm going to give it to BC. YOLO

John "Coach" Fidler

67-65 BC

Having Robinson and Turner back makes a difference and for whatever silly reason, OH for the season in hoops just doesn't happen very often.  Eagles avoid just the sixth winless ACC campaign ever and the first since Maryland in 1986-87 (0-14)

Caleb N/A
Kwani N/A
Jeff N/A

Bridget N/A
Brian N/A

Eric 66-64 BC

Clifford has huge senior day