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Boston College Basketball vs. Virginia: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Eagles look to snap eight game losing streak

Elsa/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles continue a difficult stretch by taking on the Virginia Cavaliers.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

RECAP: Turnovers Hamper Boston College Effort, North Carolina Trounces Eagles 89-62

What To Watch For

  1. How Will The Birds Handle Malcom Brogdon?: Brogdon is Virginia's leading scorer, and he is someone who is a threat no matter where he is on the court (i.e. a strong three point shooter, good inside the arc as well). How the Eagles handle Brogdon will have a direct impact on how the Eagles will fare Wednesday night.
  2. On the Road Again: The Eagles continue an absolutely brutal road trip at another difficult place to play. The Cavaliers are 10-0 in Charlottesville.
  3. Turnovers: The Eagles have to to a better job limiting offensive turnovers. It has been a problem for a few games now and it has been costly.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Virginia's Wikipedia Page

UVA men's lacrosse has won 10 national championships.

Players To Watch

Malcom Brogdon: (17.3 ppg, [leads team])

Anthony Gill: (6 rpg (leads team))

London Perrantes: (.519 3-point % [leads team])

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Ok look. I know I've done iced coffee more than a few times. But this will be the fourth game I will have covered in three days. I'm exhausted. Plus, you know, coffee is delicious.

(*note*: I would not trade the experience of covering both Beanpots for the world)

Final Thoughts And Predictions

This is going to be another tough game. It's unfortunate. This road trip is just coming at the absolute worst possible time.

90-60 Virginia

Writer Pick Explanation Points

90-60 'Hoos

I will be watching from home 22
Joe BC will lose

Grant 71-65 'Hoos That's right you heard me 14

80-55 Hoos

AJ gets the bonus point 23

81-62 'Hoos

Virginia nearly beat Louisville by 20, a good rebound considering they struggled to beat Syracuse and Wake Forest. They also have both a guard in Malcolm Brogdon and a big in Anthony Gill capable of putting up points. BC will play tough, but they're really going to be limping towards that Clemson game in two weeks. 22
Laura 79-60 'Hoos

John "Coach" Fidler N/A
Caleb 71-70 BC Shock the world 8
Kwani N/A
Jeff N/A

Bridget N/A
Brian N/A

Eric 75-61 'Hoos