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Boston College Basketball vs. Virginia Tech: Final Thoughts and Predictions

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The Boston College Eagles look to rebound from a bad performance against Wake Forest when the Virginia Tech Hokies come to town Tuesday evening.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

RECAP: Wake Forest Annihilates Boston College 74-48

How Did BC Do Last Time Against Virginia Tech?

Boston College 66, Virginia Tech 59: Batten's Career Day Lifts Eagles Over Hokies

Matchup of the Game

Life On The Rebound

Hey, everyone.

Look, I'm not going to sugar coat this. The Wake Forest game was abysmal. There is no other way to put it. A team cannot turn in the game the Eagles did expect to be even close to competitive in any conference, let alone the über-competitive ACC.

But don't take my word for it:

For whatever reason, we didn't come to play. I'm embarrassed. We've been playing much better than that. The last three games we played were probably the three best games we've played all year and we were awful in all facets (tonight).

-Jim Christian

Wake Forest was obviously better than their record indicated, but it doesn't excuse going 5-for-29 from the field. It doesn't excuse Dennis Clifford getting absolutely outplayed by a freshman. And it certainly doesn't excuse this:

But that is all in the past. Belaboring the point will do BC no good. There is nothing to learn from that game, so no reason to keep the focus on it. The idea is to keep moving forward and focus on Virginia Tech. The quick turnaround should help with that.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Virginia Tech's Wikipedia Page

The Engineering school is VT's largest school.

A Good Alcoholic Accompaniment To Be Drunk In Moderation

(note: the final thoughts and predictions offer this alcoholic accompaniment in recognition of the author's post 21st birthday life. final thoughts and predictions supports responsible drinking. this is a drink to be enjoyed for people 21 years of age and older)

Smith & Forge Hard Cider

I had a pint of this at Cityside with the game on Sunday. It tasted really good.

I should have had nachos with it.

Final Thoughts And Predictions

BC has to win eventually, right?

60-58 Birds

Writer Pick Explanation Points

60-58 Birds

I will on press row. 27
Joe N/A

Grant 79-60 VT

VT by 20

Dan 76-72 VT

Even if BC loses by 30, I don't think anyone would be enraged anymore. What I also fear is that a win becomes a moot point since people are expecting them to horrifically lose. Even if they win, we've reached the part where the fires are turning into cold ash. Everything is turning into "it is what it is."

New Guy gets the bonus point.


Laura 67-60 Birds

I'm going to give BC a pity win because I'd imagine it's very disheartening knowing basically nobody believes in you and I'm feeling nice

John "Coach" Fidler

68-62 VT

Not sure what we are calling the bounce back effect after losing by the national debt, other than NOT. The one stat I will point here is FTs.  Tech gets to the line 6th most in the country, that means a lot of Eagle fouls and not a lot of depth.

Oh and I will wave to all of you...from back March 3 :) have fun

Caleb N/A
Kwani N/A
Jeff N/A

Bridget N/A
Brian N/A

NOT win.

Eric 63-62 Birds


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