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Fire Christian? Fire Someone. Do Something.

Shame on me for getting my hopes up for Boston College basketball's matchup with Wake Forest.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Going into Boston College basketball's matchup with Wake Forest, the Eagles had run a fairly daunting ACC gauntlet. Boston College had gone 0-13 against the RPI Top 50; the losses in conference play came against a veritable Who's Who of ACC clubs that will undoubtedly hear their names called on Selection Sunday.

I guess that's why there was a sliver of hope that BC would pick itself off the mat and at least acquit itself well down the stretch with games against the bottom third of the league, starting with last night's game in #therivalry.

Guess not.

I'm really not sure how a program recovers from this. Scoreless through the first six minutes of the game. A whopping total of 14 points in the first half. Ostensibly getting run off the floor by the second worst team in the conference. Each of these stats in isolation are nothing short of an utter demolition of this team. It wouldn't be so bad had the football team pulled out the Duke or Wake Forest games, or if enough people still cared about the men's basketball program in the first place. However, the way BC lost yesterday is probably the last straw.

I didn't think it was possible, but BC-Wake managed to deliver not only the worst college football game of the year, but also the worst college basketball game of the year.

Can you remember a Steve Donahue-led team that mustered only 14 points in a half? An Al Skinner-led team? Maybe the second half, but certainly not the first.That's the sort of performance that requires some sort of action taken on Monday morning to quiet the few diehards left on the wagon.

The shame of it is this is not Jim Christian's fault. Dude was dealt a pretty weak hand and he's making the most of it. He certainly couldn't have predicted that things would be this bad after bringing in a marginally talented recruiting class and, at the time, the nation's top ranked 5th year transfer. But here we are: 0-for-ACC on the year in the two major revenue sports; an unprecedented stretch of conference futility and the butt of national media's jokes.

It should get better next year. I think. Maybe? There is some talent on this roster. Steve Donahue had some talent; he just couldn't put it all together. Firing Jim Christian today would likely set the program even further back than it already is; if that's somehow possible. But what sort of message does taking no action on this Monday morning send to an already apathetic fan base?

Don't fire Christian today, fine, but do something. Fire an assistant. Write a blog post reaffirming the athletics department's commitment to fielding winning programs in the revenue sports. Announce the long-awaited future investment in athletics and upgrades to the school's facilities.* Show this community that this sheer amount of losing and this level of futility won't be tolerated going forward.

*ED: Hey, this happened! Well done.