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Here Are Video Highlights Of BC Basketball Hitting Rock Bottom

In case you really want to see it

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This is it. This is rock bottom. If you were wondering when or how Boston College Basketball could hit the absolute lowest low point, look no further. The Eagles may have been hurt all season long by a freakishly difficult schedule even by ACC standards, but last night BC went down to Winston Salem to face the second-worst team in the conference and got completely obliterated, without even remotely being in the game for any period of time. It was probably one of the worst displays of basketball by any "major conference" team in years.

Just about the only good thing to come out of this game was a $60 donation from BCI writers to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, thanks to a friendly wager between us and the folks at Blogger So Dear.

There's unfortunately not much more to say at this point, though at BCI we'll do our best to try to discuss this steaming, heaping mess today. In the meantime, here are highlights of the Eagles looking like a bad high school team.