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Boston College Basketball vs. Clemson: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles look for their first ACC win against the Clemson Tigers.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

RECAP: Orange Outpace Eagles in Second Half, Syracuse Outlasts Boston College 75-61

How Did BC Do Last Time Against Clemson?

(LAST SEASON) Clemson 64 Boston College 49: Three Up / Three Down

What To Watch For

  1. Getting More People To Score: BC, in the first half, really only had one player contribute to the scoring effort, Matt Milon. The second half was somewhat better, with Dennis Clifford and Sammy Barnes-Thompkins reaching double digits, but BC cannot have only one player contributing. An important player in the scheme of the offensive effort is Eli Carter. The Eagles have not won one game when Carter scores less than 10 points.
  2. Dennis Clifford: I have loved the Dennissance (h/t @the_eichenbomb for the wordplay) over the past couple of games. He has been very solid inside. Against a team that only has a +1.7 rebounding margin, Clifford can have a very big game Wednesday.

Matchup of the Game

BC vs. Clemson Leading Scorer Jason Blossomgame

Statistically, the most important player on Clemson is Jason Blossomgame, with a 17.3 ppg average, good for 6.8 more than his closest competitor Donte Grantham. The issue with Blossomgame is that he is dangerous from everywhere in the offensive zone. He's dangerous inside, he's dangerous from mid-range, and he is a .414 three point shooter to boot. BC will have to be selective in terms of how he is defended, give how dangerous offensively Blossomgame can be.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Clemson's Wikipedia Page

Clemson has intramural billiards and intramural cornhole.

Players To Watch

Jason Blossomgame (.507 fg%, 17.3 ppg)

Donte Grantham (10.5 ppg)

Landry Nnoko (5.8 rpg)

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Orange Juice

This probably would have been funnier last game, wouldn't it? Oh well.

By the way, a note about this segment: my 21st birthday is Saturday, Feb. 20. The non-alcoholic beverage of the game has been a running joke about how I am the only person on BCI's staff who is not of legal drinking age. Once I turn 21, the joke will no longer be funny.* Therefore, the Wake Forest prediction article will be the last prediction article that will have one of these. I don't know what will replace it just yet, but I'm sure it will be just as mediocre as this segment.

*note: it probably wasn't particularly funny to begin with

Final Thoughts And Predictions

I consider the next game, against Wake, the game where BC has the best chance to win. BC fans will suffer through one more loss.

70-66 Tigers

Writer Pick Explanation Points

70-66 Clemson

I will be in my apartment. 26
Joe N/A

Grant 60-55 Clemson

75-67 Clemson

Dan 69-61 Clemson

There's a big enough gap for the Eagles in terms of a weak Clemson defense to really pile up points if they can get hot shooting. The only problem with that is that it's a gigantic, and I mean GIGANTIC, "if." Because BC's been so bad at times to this point, we can't really expect them to all of a sudden explode offensively like a Conte Forum water pipe. (ed. note: booooooooooooooo) But that doesn't mean they're out of this.

My theory the rest of the way is that I'll be picking against BC, and I'll be happily wrong if and when they do break the win column, which I believe is entirely possible in any game they have coming up.

Laura 72-63 Clemson

John "Coach" Fidler 64-56 Clemson

Coach just misses the five bonus points by one. He will still get the single bonus point for being closest to the spread.

Two fairly similar teams on the offensive end, but very different defensively.  Tigers a top 15 team (points per game) while BC improving, but not close to that level.  Turnovers the other big key here where CU is in the top 11 in the country at +3 and we know this has cost the Eagles dearly in several recent games.  I think the Eagles cover the 16.5, but no W tonight

Caleb 60-58 BC No one likes teams that wear orange. 9
Kwani N/A
Jeff N/A

Bridget N/A
Brian N/A

Eric N/A