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RECAP: Boston College Basketball Upended by Hartford 65-63

Yes. Hartford.

Boston College lost Friday night to America East opponent Hartford 65-63.

I honestly don’t know what to write here.

The game, by all accounts, was terrible. Both teams shot below 27% from the field in the first half. BC turned the ball over 12 times, which is only palatable when comparing to the 18 turnovers committed by Hartford.

BC was able to make it a game down the stretch, despite the fact that Hartford had a double-digit lead through much of the second half, but Jason Dunne knocked down a three pointer in the waning moments of the game to clinch the victory for the Hawks.

This was terrible. There is no way to make it not seem terrible. Hartford was 2-8 going into this game. Yet BC somehow was unable to come away with the win.

BC takes on a major conference opponent in Auburn Monday evening at Madison Square Garden.