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When Will Boston College Men’s Basketball Win Its First ACC Game?

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BC is currently on an 18 conference game schnide

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been made of Boston College’s winless season in conference last year since Dennis Clifford infamously declared his love of “going out to eat” (editor’s note: Clifford is currently tearing it up in the NBA D-League. Good for him.)

Yet this is a new year, and with a new year comes an opportunity to improve on the previous year, and hopefully get off the schnide. With the new season, we have our latest installment of our yearly series, When Will BC Get Its First Win?

Arthur: I’m going to say three wins, the home game against Syracuse and two upsets. The problem with this team all year has been consistency. This team somehow has looked like a team that make noise against good teams and a team that is lost all at the same time. With that said, I do think this team is better than it was last year. One thing that this team has done this year that it didn’t do last year is prove that it can win against good teams, like Providence and Auburn. Nobody should confuse those two teams with the best in the ACC, and no one should confuse BC with being a serious competitor in the ACC. But at least BC has those wins under its belt, and has shown that it can compete. I think it beats Syracuse in a down year (at least for now) for the Orange, and I think BC steals two other wins.

A.J.: 2 wins, against Syracuse and GT.

Grant: 4 ACC wins. BC’ll win its next game (Syracuse) plus all three against VTech and GTech. These teams have a tendency to struggle with the tight flex, and with obvious anagram Aser Ghebremichael really coming into his own in his sophomore season at forward, that's a tough combination for any opponent to deal with.

Probably most importantly, if BC can take take control in the key, they’ll take control of the game. When you factor in the struggles of ‘Cuse against teams that create chaos in the paint and the Tech schools' somewhat surprising inability of late to prevent big men from driving the lane, that seems like a pretty good winning formula for the Eagles.

John “Coach” Fidler”: I got 2 wins. The top of the conference is just too good and although Georgia Tech and Syracuse are obviously down, still a lot to ask of a team that turns the ball over, shoots free throws as poorly and has had trouble defending the way this team has.

Joe: Gimme 4 wins.

Hoffses: I’m going with 4 ACC wins and the first against Cuse on New Year's. The ACC is loaded at the top but I think sometimes people confuse that for depth like with the SEC in football. Wake, GT and Cuse are all beatable team right now and it's not out of that question that the Eagles could blindside a team like Pitt that comes to Conte on a Wednesday night. The emergence of Bowman is exciting heading into ACC play.

Tom: I'll give the team 4 wins in conference this year. It's obviously an extremely tough conference from top to bottom, and most of the teams BC plays will have no problem handling us. But this team really does have enough of a talented core to get them some wins against ACC teams and may even pull off an upset with one of the bigger-name teams.

Laura: I am not qualified to answer this.