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Boston College Basketball: Jerome Robinson’s 28 Allows BC to Escape Stonehill 81-74

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass.,- To someone watching Thursday night’s game at a glance, a close game against an exhibition opponent leads to concern.

Yet, upon closer look, the game wasn’t as concerning for the Boston College Eagles as it appeared.

To be sure, the game was tight late, with Stonehill being within four points as late as the :53 mark in the second half. Yet the Eagles had a better game than the scoreboard showed in a 81-74 victory against Stonehill College.

For one, the Eagles were strong shooting from the field, making 54.1% of their shots. Jerome Robinson and newcomer Mo Jeffers both looked promising offensively, scoring 28 and 20 points respectively.

Yet from the other side, there is room for improvement. Stonehill exploited a weakness the Eagles had defending from behind the arc (perhaps too much, attempting 32 shots from three-point range). With a strong three-point game by the Skyhawks, the Eagles had trouble closing out Stonehill.

And then, there are the fouls. Connar Tava’s playing time, in particular, was limited due to foul trouble.

The problems, however, are fixable. The fouls are fixable, and likely a symptom of having a young team getting used to playing each other. As for three-pointers, it will surely be a focal point going into practice following Thursday night.

The panic from Thursday night is understandable. Ultimately, however, there is less to be worried about than it appeared.