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Sizing Up ACC Basketball, By The Odds

A look at who’s favored and who’s not

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Boston College Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

BC basketball is off to a 3-1 start, but they’re obviously still carrying around the bugaboo of a winless ACC season in 2015-16. Their path in the ACC won’t be any easier this season, as the conference is once again loaded with top talent.

Let’s take a look at the levels of power in the ACC according to Vegas odds. NCAA betting site gives the following odds for each ACC team to win the national title:

The favorite

Duke is +350 to win the NCAA title - the national favorite.

The chasers

Syracuse (+1000), UNC (+1400), Louisville (+3000) and Virginia (+3000) make up the next pack of teams behind Duke but among the favorites nationally.

NC State +4000 is just on the edge of this category as well - expected to be among the contenders in the conference.

The dreamers

Miami +15,000, Florida State +15,000, Notre Dame +15,000, and Pitt +20,000 face long odds to win the national title, but they’re not monumental, Leicester City-style ‘dogs. But in a tough ACC, these are likely teams that will be battling for tournament spots.


This next group of teams are major longshots to win it all and will have to beat expectations this season to be among the ACC contenders: Clemson +30,000 Wake +30,000, VTech +35,000, Georgia Tech +40,000


And then there’s BC, in their own category at +100,000. Hey, who knows... you could become famous for making a big payday!