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Boston College Basketball vs. Towson: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Boston College V George Washington

The Eagles play one more game before the Thanksgiving break against Towson. Let’s break down the matchup.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

RECAP: Boston College Basketball Survives Second Half Scare, Defeats Seawolves 82-75

How Did Towson Do Last Time Out?

Maryland Terrapins Rallied From 13-Point Deficit To Defeat Towson

Things to Look Out For With Towson:

Look, instead of doing bullet points, I’m just going to say this.


Towson is going to be one of the toughest pre-ACC tests of the schedule.


I’m serious. I realize that this is a young season and everything, but the Tigers have already put together a solid resume. Towson defeated its first two opponents, before having a 13-point lead against Maryland reversed late.

And just so we’re clear, that’s No. 23 in the Coaches’ Poll Maryland. You know, the one that defeated Georgetown in a big rivalry game in Georgetown’s building (I don’t care how good Georgetown is, that’s still a tough thing to do.) The team that is supposed to be a force in a very competitive Big Ten this year.

That one.

That’s the one Towson built a 13 point lead on late.

Towson had four players score double digits against Maryland. This team is legit.

So just to be clear, if BC loses to this team, the narrative should not be that BC lost to just Towson. The narrative should be that BC lost to a darn good ball club.

Got it, everyone?

Alright, let’s make fun of them.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Towson Wikipedia Page

Towson has six suspended chapters of Greek Life currently.

A Good Alcoholic Accompaniment To Be Drunk In Moderation

(note: the final thoughts and predictions offer this alcoholic accompaniment in recognition of the author's post 21st birthday life. final thoughts and predictions supports responsible drinking. this is a drink to be enjoyed for people 21 years of age and older)

Allagash Interlude

Look I have no idea if this beer is good or not. I literally googled “thanksgiving beer” and this is what it came up with. It’s better than my weird obsession with Philadelphia-area beers, right? Hey at least this is local! I’M TRYING.

Rating the Opposing Mascot

Doc the Tiger

That Tiger is jacked. It looks like it is going to mascot for this game and then benchpress the team bus during halftime.

Of course, this could all just be projecting. He might be ashamed of his other personas, such as

Nerd Doc

Angry Doc

and Corporate #Murica Doc

We here at final thoughts don’t approve of the multiple personas of Doc, and encourage him to undergo self-reflection and find out what his inner sense of self truly is.



I think Towson wins this game. That’s a very good ball club coming out of Baltimore County.

Arthur: 69-62 Towson

Grant: Towson 33- UConn 18

Laura: 77-70 BC

Eric: 74-71 BC