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Boston College Basketball vs. Stony Brook: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Boston College V Georgetown

As the Boston College community looks towards the Thanksgiving break (ok, maybe it is just me), BC plays a game Sunday afternoon part of the Barclays Center Classic against Stony Brook.

How Did BC Do Last Time Out?

RECAP: Boston College Basketball Goes Wire-to-Wire, Downs Maryland Eastern Shore 73-57

How Did Stony Brook Do Last Time Out?

New-look Stony Brook falls short to Columbia in season opener

Things to Look Out For With Stony Brook:

  1. Depth of Scoring: Stony Brook had three players score double digits against Columbia. While the leading scorer (Roland Nyama) came off the bench, it shows that BC might be up against a three pronged attack with Stony Brook.
  2. New Kid on the Block: Jeff Boals took the reigns for his year with Stony Brook as the head coach. He will be looking to improve on his debut, a loss to Columbia.
  3. These Kids Might Be Pretty Good: Stony Brook isn’t a sexy name in the community, but the Seawolves were a tournament team last year. Don’t underestimate them.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Stony Brook’s Wikipedia Page

Stony Brook’s marching band was formed in 2006.

A Good Alcoholic Accompaniment To Be Drunk In Moderation

(note: the final thoughts and predictions offer this alcoholic accompaniment in recognition of the author's post 21st birthday life. final thoughts and predictions supports responsible drinking. this is a drink to be enjoyed for people 21 years of age and older)

Victory Kirsch Gose

Yeah, I’m trolling you with all of the Victory beer. But it’s a great brewery, and you should check them out.

This beer is a great sour cherry bier, and can be really refreshing. Worth a taste.

Rating the Opposing Mascot

Wolfie the Seawolf

This mascot looks like every lax bro I know, which makes sense because they are a lacrosse school.

By the way, when you type in “stony brook lacrosse” in Google, here’s what comes up:

Sexism isn’t cool.



I don’t know what to make of the Columbia game. Columbia is picked fifth in the Ivy League, but Stony Brook is a reigning tournament team.

I’m worried.

Arthur: 70-69 BC

Grant: 30-0 BC (presumably)

Laura: 70-65 BC

Tom: 67-60 BC

Joe: 71-67 BC

Eric: 74-68 BC