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Boston College Basketball: When Will The Eagles Get Their First ACC Win?

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

With the Boston College Eagles' loss to the Duke Blue Devils Saturday afternoon, the ACC season is finally upon us. With the Eagles rebuilding, wins in conference will be difficult to come by. With this in mind, we ask ourselves how soon the Eagles will pick up their first ACC win.

Joe: Wed., Jan. 3, @ Syracuse: The Orange/Eagle gods owe us one.


Grant: I seriously have no idea. I'll say Wake on 2/21 because YOWO

Dan: Wed., Feb 17 @ Clemson: My heart wants me to pick Syracuse because I don't think they're as loaded as usual. But Jim Boeheim's suspension ends in time for him to be back for the UNC game, which is the game before the BC game. But since I can't pick that game, I'm going with the game against Clemson on February 17th. I think the Eagles could conceivably beat the Orange at home three days prior, but I can't pick that in my right mind. Clemson, however, was throttled by UMass, Georgia, and UNC. Even though they beat FSU, I think they could play down to BC and be caught napping at home

John "Coach" Fidler: Prior to the season,I honestly thought they may not get a conference win until the last one or two weeks of the regular season.  The Florida State game in late January is a possibility.

A.J.: Never. They are going 0 for the Conference.

Eric: Tue., Jan. 26 vs. Florida State The 'Noles have a lot of talent but they are very young. A weeknight trip to Conte is never a good recipe for a young team.

Arthur: Sun., Feb 21 vs. Wake Forest: I think this could be a winnable game for the Birds. Nothing is going to come easy, but I think they should have a chance at this one.

What do you think? Leave a comment below on which game you think will be the Eagles' first ACC win.