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Boston College Basketball: Talking Some Offseason Recruiting With Eric Hoffses

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We catch up with the man himself of

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We had the chance to catch up with's Eric Hoffses to talk about the offseason development with Jim Christian's Boston College basketball team. In the wake of a big week of recruiting and with Olivier Hanlan's impending draft dreams reaching possible reality, there was much to talk about. Have a look!

BC Interruption: This has been quite he offseason for Jim Christian, so let's take it from the top. Early on in the offseason, he lost nearly all of his returning talent. We knew Olivier Hanlan would probably leave, but losing Will Magarity and Lonnie Jackson robbed some key depth. Was this a case of the roster gutting itself of guys who were recruited by a different coach or was that simply just a case of roster attrition?

Eric Hoffses: I think a little bit of both. From what I saw in practices, Magarity just wasn't a good with Christian's coaching style. There was definitely an attempt from the coaching staff to toughen up Magarity, and he just seemed to get really down on himself whenever he was criticized.

In the case of Jackson it was more just time for him to try something new.

BCI: It seemed like BC hit a low point when Preston Murphy left the program. But Coach Christian's really rebounded with what felt like a good hire in Stan Heath. What's he already brought and what is he going to bring to BC in the upcoming season and, potentially, beyond?

Eric Hoffses: There's no doubt things hit a low when Murphy left. I was reading an article where Coach McDermott of Creighton was describing that he called Murphy to check on one of BC's transfers. While they were on the phone Murphy basically asked if there were any openings on his staff. Whatever the reasons were that Murphy left his timing was awful.

I think Heath will bring more in terms of X's and O's to the table than recruiting. Heath is known as one of the better defensive coaches in the country and I think he will be a big help in ramping up the defensive play of BC's young players.

BCI: Let's turn to the actual meat and potatoes of this offseason. After Magarity and Jackson left, the coaching staff went to work and has done a solid job bringing in guys, specifically this past week with John Carlos Reyes and Eli Carter. What makes each guy such a unique positive for the team?

Eric Hoffses: Carter will make the most immediate impact with the team. He is going to run the point next year and will basically take over Olivier Hanlan's role. I don't think Carter is as good as Hanlan, but he brings a much needed veteran presence to the team. He had a very good freshman season at Rutgers but was not able to match those numbers at Florida. You have to wonder if his leg injury had a role in that.

Another unique positive is that BC finally cracked the pipeline with a player from Brewster Academy in New Hampshire (Carter prepped there before Rutgers). Each year, Brewster has one of the most talented prep teams in the country. If BC grabbed one starter off of their roster per year they would literally make the NCAA Tournament every year. I know that BC assistant Scott Spinelli has a very good relationship with the Brewster coach Jason Smith so this could be the beginning of a good connection.

Carlos Reyes will compete for minutes in the front court next year. He's known as being a good defender and rebounder and anyone with that skill set will see the court on Christian's team.

BCI: The NBA Draft is coming up this week. What have you seen out of Hanlan's draft stock? Is he potentially going in the first round, and what do you think he offers an NBA franchise?

Eric Hoffses: I don't think he will be selected in the 1st round. I see him going in the 2nd round to a team that is looking for some backcourt depth. Ultimately I see Hanlan as a guy that plays for a number of the years in the NBA as a solid backup that you bring off the bench to score some points.

BCI: Much was made last season about the lack of excitement around the program. How important is this season to reclaiming some of the popular vote towards the BC basketball program? How much of that falls on Jim Christian, especially considering what Steve Addazio's done with football?

Eric Hoffses: It's all on Christian now. The 2015 recruiting class is the best class BC has had since the Rakim Sanders/Corey Raji and that group of guys that Al Skinner brought in in what seems like forever ago now. The horses are here and now Christian has to get them ready to play.

Also, think about it --- it's easier to rebuild in basketball than football. Addazio had to hit on multiple different players at different positions. In hoops, if you hit on 2 guys and put role players around them you can go to the Tournament.

BCI: People are already proclaiming this as a .500 team capable of winning 15-18 games. Are they nuts and what's a way-too-early, realistic expectation for BC hoops?

Eric Hoffses: Well last year's team won 13 games and probably should've won a few more than that if not for some really bad execution late in games. Hanlan is gone and they don't have anyone as talented as him. However, I think this year's team is more talented from top to bottom so I don't think 15 wins would be some crazy unrealistic number.

Also, next year's roster might not be complete yet. I hear that BC has talks going with a Euro player or two which could make a difference on next year's roster.

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