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Boston College Basketball Point-Shaving Scandal Subject Of New Movie

I'm sure this news will go over well with the administration.

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Wikimedia Commons user Nathan88

The 1978-79 Boston College basketball point-shaving scandal, the subject of a recent ESPN '30 for 30,' will now be the subject of a full-length movie. According to a report in Variety, Mad Hatter Entertainment's Michael Connolly has acquired the movie rights for David L. Porter's book "Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College Basketball."

"We are very excited about this book and really think that it will attract A-list talent across the board," Connolly said. "David did his homework and has crafted an unbelievable true crime story that is one part ‘Goodfellas,' one part corrupt college basketball, one part FBI investigation and one part courtroom drama."

Last fall, the point-fixing scheme was the subject of ESPN '30 for 30's "Playing for the Mob," which delved into how mobster Henry Hill once helped orchestrate the fixing of Boston College basketball games.

Connolly's recent credits include How To Train Your Dragon (1 & 2) as well as the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove.

As I wrote when the '30 for 30' was announced, even though opposing fans love to bring up this dark period of Boston College basketball, my advice is to embrace it and enjoy the movie adaptation of the book for what it is—a historical account of what can go wrong when organized crime meets college athletics.