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Photos: Boston College Basketball Unveils Throwback Uniforms For Syracuse Game

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Throwbacks for the 'Cuse home game.

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The Boston College men's basketball team will wear special throwback uniforms for its Wednesday night home tilt against #OrangeEagle rival Syracuse (7 p.m. inside Conte Forum). The uniforms are similar to the ones the program wore in the mid-1970s (think: Bob Carrington).

The team slowly unveiled the aspects of the uniform one-by-one on Instagram, with ghost Patrick Heckmann serving as the team's model. (Follow @bchoopnews).

First up, the shoes and socks. White and gray sneakers. Gray socks with maroon and gold striping.

Next up, the shorts -- also gray, with maroon and gold striping.

Finally, the tops. Gray tops, maroon trim, block numbers and the old-school cursive Boston College script, which is actually pretty cool (death to italics).

Overall, a pretty clean and fresh design. A bit nitpicky, but I would have liked to see the program go with a white or even a cream base, shying away from what feels like gray-for-gray's sake. Besides, it's virtually impossible to out-gray/Platinum Syracuse. Know your opponent, guys.

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