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Boston College Basketball vs. Providence College Friars: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Eagles look to overcome five game losing streak, E.coli

Harry How/Getty Images

Well. Monday went well.

As of writing this post (around 12:15 AM Tuesday morning), the Boston College Eagles vs. Providence Friars game is on as scheduled. Given the current state of the team brought upon by the E.coli virus, that might change. We'll proceed as usual with our final thoughts and predictions as if the game will be played. We will pass along any news regarding the game as soon as we can.

Did BC Win Last Time Out?

What To Watch For:

  1. Condition Of The Team: Easily the most visible story going into this game is the current health of the BC team. If they play, this will be an indication that they are at least able to put together a team. That said, what condition will the team be in, with regard to physical and mental strength, will the team be in?
  2. Shutting Down Kris Dunn: Kris Dunn isn't Denzel Valentine, but he is absolutely a dangerous threat threat from the field. The Eagles need to neutralize him.
  3. Consistent Scoring Effort: BC shot 52.0% from the field in the first half against UMass Lowell. They shot 26.5% in the second half. This isn't the first time this happened. BC needs a game long scoring effort.

Random, Possible Incorrect Fact from Providence College's Wikipedia Page

The College's oldest student activity is its debate society.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Lemon Water

Lemon water is one of those underrated drinks in the drink world. It has the perfect amount of tartness and refreshment. It is great to drink with fish.

Rating the Friar

This mascot is absolutely freaky. Awesome. 10/10

Final Thoughts And Predictions

I can imagine the Eagles will be considerably weak. I can't see them putting in a good effort. It really is a shame. PC 70-45

No one picked UMass Lowell. Can't imagine why.

Writer Pick Explanation Points

70-45 PC

I will be watching from my apartment in Brookline. 6

71-59 PC

BC will not stop at Chipotle on the way to Providence


62-56 BC

My wife picked for me for my birthday. 3

84-59 PC

Pre-Ecoli prediction 70-59 4

84-58 PC

PC is 8-1 and beat Arizona on the road. Their only loss is to Michigan State. And URI just caught them napping in that they only lost by 2. This could get ugly.


80-60 PC

(Orignal pick, before the E.coli story broke was 72-63 PC)

Even if players are better enough to be back, they're not gonna be in top form.

John "Coach" Fidler

74-60 PC

Not an opponent BC wants to see right now. Perhaps a little mercy is shown by old friend Ed Cooley

Caleb N/A *crickets* 1
Kwani N/A *crickets 1
Jeff N/A *crickets* 0
Bridget N/A *crickets* 0
Brian N/A