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Boston College Basketball vs. Fordham Rams: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Eagles look to extend winning streak to three

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles are beginning to develop some semblance of momentum by defeating powerhouses Maine and Delaware. The Eagles hope to stop a Fordham Rams team that has won nine straight since losing to the University of Texas at Arlington.

Did BC Win Last Time Out?

What To Watch For:

  1. Shut Down The Arc: Fordham is a very dangerous three-point shooting team, making a little bit short of half of its three-point shots (.408). Considering BC's troubles defending beyond the arc, it absolutely needs to be a focal point in the game plan.
  2. Will Eli Carter Stay Hot: Eli Carter has put together two nice performances over the past two games. Can he keep up the strong performance?
  3. Not-So-Friendly Confines: BC has yet to win a game away from Conte Forum. Given the proximity to Fordham, the crowd, as small as it probably will be, might be pro-Rams.
  4. Difficulty of Typing With A Splint: This thing is killing me.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Fordham's Wikipedia Page

The Liberty Cup is awarded to the winner of the yearly competition between the Columbia Lions and the Fordham Rams.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Wawa Peach Smoothie (Or Any Peach Smoothie, Really)

Look I love City Convenience and all, but if it were to be suddenly be replaced by a Wawa, I would not lose a ton of sleep. (or I would out of sheer excitement)

For what it is worthy, peaches are the greatest fruit ever created (sorry plums and nectarines. It's true). Perfectly sweet, somewhat tangy, just gets the job done. Georgia Peach water ice at Rita's is also another solid move as well.

Rating Ramses the Ram

I dunno. He looks too happy.


Who Would Win In a Fight, A Ram or Eagle

Yeah, no. The Ram would win.

Can BC Win This Game?

This will be a challenge. But, I think BC has a chance to win.

Final Thoughts And Predictions

Fordham is actually kind of in a similar situation to BC in that it is a team that is constantly in the bottom of the A10. That said, the Rams have won all but one of their games, and that is worth noting. I'll take Fordham 66-55, though I don't think it is as much a lock as all the Fordham picks indicate.

Writer Pick Explanation Points

66-55 Fordham

I will be on press row at the BARCLAYS CENTER!! 9

78-74 Fordham


78-61 Fordham

All of BC's points on ENG's. 6

70-65 Fordham


72-69 Fordham

Fordham 72. BC 69. This is a virtual pick 'em to me, which means BC loses. They're due to lose areally heartbreaking game.

Laura 75-69 Fordham

John "Coach" Fidler 77-70 Fordham

Caleb 77-70 BC
Kwani N/A *crickets 1
Jeff N/A *crickets* 0
Bridget N/A *crickets* 0
Brian N/A


Eric N/A

Hoffses just barely missed out on the extra three points for hitting the score exactly on Delaware.