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Boston College Basketball vs. Delaware Blue Hens: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Eagles look to continue good fortune from Maine game.

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles ended their losing streak emphatically Sunday against the Maine Black Bears. Now the Eagles look to continue the momentum against the Delaware Blue Hens.

Did BC Win Last Time Out?

What To Watch For:

  1. Battle for the Boards: Delaware is a team that dominates the boards, so BC won't be able to dominate the rebound count like they did against Maine. BC doesn't have to dominate the margin, but they have to keep it close.
  2. Slowing Down the Big 3: Delaware doesn't have one clear leading scorer. They have three players within 1.6 points per game. The point is that, offensively, Delaware has multiple threats.
  3. Stay out of Foul Trouble: BC can't have Dennis Clifford and Idy Diallo get into foul trouble early again. Delaware is a much better free-throw shooting team than Maine.

Random, Possible Incorrect Fact from University of Delaware's Wikipedia Page

Delaware's first class had three signatories to the Declaration of Independence.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Nantucket Nectars Squeezed Lemonade

One might say that lemonade is solely a warm weather drink, suitable only for drinking down the shore. One would be very, very, very, very wrong.

Rating YoUDee

Extra points for the mascot, points off for that stupid name.

Caw caw/10

Who Would Win In a Fight, A Blue Hen or Eagle

I imagine this fight would be similar to this:

(ed. note: cockfighting is very, very illegal. And bad. Very bad.)

Eagle wins.

Can BC Win This Game?

Why not?

Final Thoughts And Predictions

This has the potential to be a game that is overlooked given the game in Brooklyn Tuesday. That said, I think BC's got this one. BC 75-50

Writer Pick Explanation Points

75-50 BC

I will be out to dinner in Philly with my parents. 8

77-75 BC


72-61 BC

All of BC's points on ENG's. 5

75-55 BC


68-56 BC

New Guy gets the extra point. Again. 11
Laura 76-63 BC

John "Coach" Fidler 72-68 BC Delaware is a good rebounding team.

Caleb N/A *crickets* 2
Kwani N/A *crickets 1
Jeff N/A *crickets* 0
Bridget N/A *crickets* 0
Brian N/A Yeah, but is Delaware ELITE?

Eric 69-62 BC

In front of at least 1,300 fans