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Boston College vs. Bentley: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Happy Basketball Season… YEAH!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's here.

The BC basketball season officially begins on Sat, Nov. 14 at home against St. Francis of Brooklyn. Before that game, however, we will have a little preview of the team as they take on the Bentley Falcons Thursday evening at Conte Forum.

What To Watch For

  1. How will the team react to the loss of its top four scorers, including Olivier Hanlan? Olivier Hanlan, by a wide margin, led the team in scoring with 19.5 points per game. The three players under him are all also gone as well. The highest scoring player on this year's team? Dennis Clifford, who had 6.9 PPG last year. Basically, the offense needs to come from somewhere. The question is, where?
  2. Look at all of the new people!- Seven freshmen line the BC roster (not including redshirt-freshman Idy Diallo). The Eagles will need these freshmen to have a solid year given all of the departures from last year. I wrote about some of the incoming freshmen here.
  3. Bench Depth: Bentley is Division II, and will likely not hang around with BC. (If they do, this season will be bad.) This means we should see a lot of players on the court. This could give us an idea of the depth of BC's bench.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact From Bentley's Wikipedia Page


Jay Leno attended Bentley for one semester. He then transferred to Emerson College.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

(ed. note: the author of this post is not of legal drinking age. As he waits for his February birthday, he will include a weekly non-alcoholic beverage.)


A classic amongst fruit-based drink connoisseurs, this drink sure is nourishing. A nice, quenching finish succeeds the sweet, grape sensation as you drink. Plus, this drink is healthy. High in Vitamin C, you really can't go wrong with a nice tall glass of Welch's as BC warms up for the season against a middle of the road Division II opponent.

Rating the Opposing Team's Mascot

Flex the Falcon

Flex looks like a cool mascot. His face is properly intimidating. Unlike other mascots that look like someone's pajamas repurposed (looking at you Penn State) his costume is of some substance. I like the blue body and yellow beak, and the basketball jersey is a nice touch. Solid work. 8/10

Who Would Win In A Fight, Flex or Baldwin?

Flex looks intimidating to those in his weight class, but Baldwin is a P5 D I bird. Baldwin wins in three rounds.

Can BC Win This Game?

I mean, it's an exhibition game. If BC loses this game, they are in serious trouble.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

I think this is going to be a game that is never really in doubt. Bentley is Division II, and I think the game will reflect that fact. 99-55 BC

Writer Pick Explanation Points
Arthur 99-55 BC. I will be on press row. 0
Joe 71-68 Bentley YOLO 0
Grant 4-3 Bentley We outshoot them like 50-15 0
A.J 95-50 BC 0
Dan 82-63 BC. Bentley had a couple of guys average 19 ppg last year. One of them is gone. Tyler McFarland is pretty good, but without an experienced backcourt, they shouldn't be able to break the BC defense. I'm excited to see what different combinations Coach Christian comes up with. 0
Laura 72-59 BC. This is good because it will get me to start paying attention to basketball again. 0
Coach I am in Conte before the football game and I look out on the court and I see Clifford, Owens, Perpiglia, Diallo and then a bunch of blank faces.  So to sit there and say that until I see them play that I have ANY idea about any of this...not so much (ed. note: eep.) 0
Caleb N/A 0
Kwani N/A 0
Jeff N/A 0
Bridget N/A 0
Brian N/A 0

Do you agree with our picks? Do you care about tonight? Let us know in the comments!